Cocoa Brown Self-Tanner is a Game Changer

    The Cocoa Brown self-tanner is a game changer for those who want to achieve the perfect glowing tan. In just 1 HOUR this revolutionary, speedy self-tan mousse develops into a rich Cocoa Brown color. As a working woman and college student, you can imagine it is tough to make time to go to the beach every weekend and lay out to achieve a nice tan. So, of course, I did my research and came across a bunch of different self-tanners. To be honest, a couple caught my eye, but I was tired of the bad smell and having to worry about my sheets or clothes getting stained with self-tanner. After all The Cocoa brown self-tanner was the one that kept coming up as the best one on beauty blogs, youtube guru channels, Instagram, Facebook, etc. With no hesitation, I went online and bought the self-tanner.

    Let me tell you I am in love with this product. It gives me the perfect sunless tan to keep that golden glow in between trips to the beach. I love the color of this tan and how it dries so fast. I usually never stick with products for long, I like to change and try new things very often. One thing I do know for sure Self-tanners never satisfied my expectations until I got my hands on this beauty. Will definitely buy more since winter is right around the corner and a sun kissed tan makes my skin look healthy and glowing.

    For beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just 1 hour.


    Accelerating ingredients means the tan only only needs to be left on the skin for 1 HOUR and can rinsed off after that. If you prefer a deeper tan you can leave the mousse on your skin for up to three hours. (1 hour = light, 2 hours = medium, 3 hours = dark)

    • Mousse formulation that glides on evenly and delivers flawless results.
    • Signature Tahitian Gardinia scent, no burnt-biscuit pong!
    • Vegetable derived DHA and no Parabens so it is kind to sensitive skin.
    • Dries in seconds, so you can be dressed and out the door in minutes.

    Celebrities and beauty experts are big fans of the brand. Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have both spoken publically about the product before, and Kim Kardashian will be including Cocoa Brown products in her NYC Master Class this August with Make Up By Mario. Since it’s launch, it has been reviewed over 4,000 times on YouTube, and is now sold in top retails stores like Primark and Topshop.

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