Cloud Computing: 5 Ways The Cloud Can Greatly Benefit Your Business

    Traditional IT infrastructure served us well for many years. We thought our businesses were at the cutting edge of technology when we had computers connected to networks via remote servers installed on the premises.

    However, a far better option has already been made available: cloud computing. If you’re not yet convinced about upgrading to the cloud, the following benefits may change your mind:

    Safe Storage

    No storage solution is ever 100% safe, but when you compare a traditional business server to the cloud, it’s clear that cloud platforms are the safer option. Cloud service providers utilize multi-level firewalls and other features like device security, automation, and data encryption.

    If you require further peace of mind, you can take advantage of cloud based disaster recovery services that manage the protection and recovery of data. Your business data will be safer than ever if you rely on cloud computing.


    Starting and running a business can be expensive, with everything from utilities and taxes to salaries and advertising cutting into your bottom line. Traditional IT infrastructure is also known to be costly, particularly when you start adding up the expenses associated with equipment, maintenance, and space to store your in-house servers.

    You may notice significant cost savings when you switch to cloud computing. There’s no need to store servers on-site, and you don’t need to worry about maintenance. Many business owners also love how much money they can save by scaling their cloud computing services up or down based on their needs.


    Working a nine to five office job doesn’t suit everyone. Most people would much rather avoid the commute or enjoy the flexibility of fitting in errands around their work demands. Cloud computing has been a game-changer in this respect.

    Rather than being tied to an office computer that connects to an in-house network, cloud computing allows you to log in from anywhere in the world and from any internet-capable device.

    Businesses that were early adopters of this technology truly benefited when shelter-in-place orders were put in place to combat COVID-19. Rather than having to close their doors, their employees were able to continue working from home.

    Pay for the Services You Use

    It can sometimes seem like every business-related purchase you make has hidden costs, but that’s unlikely to be the case with cloud technology. This tech adopts a ‘pay-per-use’ model, which means you only pay for what you use.

    This is true both in regards to storage and cloud services. You can subscribe to cloud apps and services and opt out of modules you don’t need. There is also complete flexibility with storage, meaning you can purchase more or less, depending on what your storage needs are at any specific time.

    No Maintenance Requirements

    Maintaining any technology in your workplace can be an arduous process. You have to hire IT professionals, and there’s the added concern about technology failing and losing your precious data in the process. While having IT techs on hand is always a good idea in business, there can be far fewer maintenance requirements with cloud technology.

    If you identify any issues, you can contact your provider, and they can take care of the problems remotely, often at little to no cost to your business.

    Adopting any new technology can be scary, but it’s hard to deny that the benefits above can help your business in many ways. Now might be the right time to consider your cloud computing options.

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