Clip-in Hair Extensions, Different Types and How to Find the Best Option For You

    Being a girl is tough. We just never seem to be satisfied with our hair color or length. When you have long hair you want it short and vice versa.

    No matter how good your hair is and how happy you are about it, undoubtedly you will want a change sooner or later. 

    Luckily, nowadays we can truly have it all when it comes to choosing our ideal hair length.. The best thing ever is that we can easily go from short and choppy to long and wavy in just a couple of minutes.

    Naturally, there are many kinds of hair extensions, but clip-in hair extensions have been ruling the world of fashion for quite some time now.

    How to find the best clip-in hair extension for your hair type? How many types of hair extensions there are?

    If these questions were bothering you, you have come to the right place. We will tell you everything there is to know about clip-in hair extensions.

    Let’s dive into the world of hair extensions!

    How to Choose Clip-in Hair extensions?

    There is no doubt that clip-ins are the easiest and best way to get the hair of your dreams. But, how do you know whether you need 3c clip-in hair extensions or a set of 4a ones?

    You also need to purchase hair extensions that are closest to your natural hair color as possible. Additionally, you need to think about quality.

    All of this will influence your final look. Follow these steps and you will choose the perfect clip-in hair extensions for your hair!

    Let’s start with the basics. The first thing you need to do is to determine your hair type. Many women are not actually sure about their hair type. 

    Anyhow, the basic classification of hair is based upon how curly or straight your hair is. After you determine that you can dive into other subsets.

    According to this basic classification, we have 4 different types of hair:

    Straight Hair

    The first type is straight hair and there is no much to think about here. However, there are 3 subtypes of straight hair:

    • The most delicate straight hair, often shiny.
    • Medium textured straight hair, typically with more volume.
    • Straight coarse hair usually has a thicker circumference than other hair types. This type of hair also shows resistance to curly hairstyles.

    Wavy Hair

    The second type is wavy hair, it represents halfway between straight and curly hair.

    Here we also have three subtypes.

    • Thin and fine wavy hair which is easy to manipulate, so you can easily do whatever you want.
    • Wavy hair with more volume is a type that usually follows the overall shape of the head.
    • Coarse wavy hair, which is the closest type to curly hair.

    Curly Hair

    The third type is curly hair. This hair type tends to be drier than other hair types. Curly hair can be:

    • Thin and shiny, this is the type of curly hair that is loose and doesn’t lose its shine like other types.
    • Typical curly hair, with more volume, represents the average curly hair.
    • Tight and thick curls that usually form the shape of a corkscrew.

    Coily Hair

    Coily or kinky hair is actually pretty fragile. It’s a type of hair that is full of tight coils. Of course, we have different subtypes here as well.

    • Coily hair with visible “S” pattern.
    • Coly hair with a “Z” pattern, this type tends to be very sharp.

    It’s crucial to define your hair type in order to find clip-in extensions. If not, there is a big chance your hair won’t look natural.

    Choose Right Color

    Choosing the right color for your clip-in extensions is crucial. Always make sure you are doing the shopping during the day because of the natural light.

    If you can you should choose real human hair extensions, since they last longer and of course look more natural.

    Natural hair is definetely  more expensive, but they look very close to your natural hair which is the end goal of any extension.

    The most typical mistake in color matching is that people often forget that extensions are extending their hair ( how funny, right?) so should be matched with the color that is at the end of your hair or the middle. 

    You shouldn’t match it with the root of your hair.

    Don’t Clip Your Extensions Too High

    This definitely one of the most common mistakes girls make. Keep in mind that the top of your head doesn’t have sufficient hair to cover it up.

    Your clip-in hair extensions shouldn’t go higher than your eyebrows.

    When it comes to the front of your face, always stick to narrow and thin extensions wefts that are made only for the top of the head. 

    Remember, every time you buy a new pack of clip-in extensions, you will always ger more than you need.

    That’s why it’s important to always use only as much as you need for your wanted hairstyle. 

    If you overstack the wefts, it will be very hard to hide them, and pretty much you will make obvious for everyone that you are wearing hair extensions.

    Wrapping Up

    Clips- in extensions are just perfect. They are less expensive than other types of extensions and the best thing is that you don’t need a salon for it, you can always do it by yourself.

    They are ideal for a night out, they add plenty of and volume and length to your hair, and the best thing ever is that you can just take them off before going to bed! 

    Also, They’re a great substitute option if you’ve cut your hair short and want back your long locks – or if you’ve never had long hair and always wanted to try it out. 

    Just keep in mind what type of hair do you have, find a perfect color match and you are good to go.


    • Joselin Estevez

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