Classic Spider Solitaire: Mobile Games That Will Help You Chill

    The great thing about mobile Spider Solitaire games is that they are free. If you have some extra time to kill and/or want a good laid-back experience without having to spend much money, Spider Solitaire games are perhaps the best option to go with. 

    With so many options, it can get a bit overwhelming to pick the best one. That is why I rounded up the 4 classic Spider Solitaire mobile games that you can download right now and start playing. 

    If you do not have time, go for Classic Spider Solitaire Klondike. The game is minimalistic and hassle-free. There are no ads and works on both iOS and Android. 

    Want to know a bit more about the other apps? Keep on reading. 

    4 Best Classic Spider Solitaire Apps  

    1. Classic Spider Solitaire Klondike

    Classic Spider Solitaire Klondike is the best overall if you want a no-frills Klondike Spider Solitaire experience. It has a minimalistic design which makes it easy to understand the interface. 

    Some players do not like flashy user interfaces and would much rather prefer the extra fluff to just fade away and provide a solid gaming experience. 

    That is exactly what Classic Spider Solitaire Klondike offers. For that reason, this is our number one pick for the .  


    • Intuitive UI
    • No extra fluff
    • No ads

    2. Microsoft Spider Solitaire Collection 

    For players that prefer a more modern experience, there is the tried and true Microsoft Spider Solitaire Collection. The game is still running strong after 30 long years. Although this game is not a solely classic Spider Solitaire app, we love the choice it gives you. 

    The classic mode is very fun to play and also has some cool animations. If you get bored and want to try something new, there are 4 other modes to try from. You can even complete daily challenges for rewards and compete against friends. The app is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Go show it some love. 


    • Modern UI
    • Daily challenges
    • 5 different Spider Solitaire variants including classic Klondike 
    • Daily challenges
    • Play Online 

    3. Spider Solitaire Klondike PvP

    More of a social gamer? Spider Solitaire is more fun with friends anyway. Spider Solitaire Klondike PvP allows you to play multiplayer games in PvP mode in real-time competitions. Beating the computer is one thing. But out-playing a real player on the other side is quite something else. 

    The app is very polished with beautiful graphics and lots of bonus features like events and challenges. There are also some magic boosters to make the game more interesting.


    • Gorgeous graphics 
    • The cards are very large and take up a good portion of the screen making it very easy to play
    • Real-time PvP matches are very fun
    • Challenges to complete and bonuses to get

    4. Spider Solitaire Card Games – Free

    Coming in number 4 on our list for the best free classic Spider Solitaire app is Spider Solitaire Card Games – Free. Available both for iOS and Android, this app is a bit more basic compared to the rest. However, it is still fun to play and easy to enjoy.

    There is a Las Vegas-style scoring system and daily challenges that will keep you coming back for more. I love the free hints when I get stuck. This app is actually great for beginner players as well.


    • Easy to use interface
    • Vegas scoring system
    • Hints if you get stuck 
    • Daily challenges and more


    These are some of the best free classic Spider Solitaire apps to help you chill. You can download and start playing right away. Whether you want a more modern feel or just a straightforward classic app, there is a Spider Solitaire app for everyone out there. 


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