7 Things to Know About Corporate Investigations

    In everyday life, every company is faced with personnel management problems, from employee motivation to production planning with reduced staff. Human resources are undoubtedly one of two critical success factors of a company; they are the face of the company on the outside and the quality of the products inside.

    However, when the company notices suspicious behavior in one of its employees, it can decide to investigate its actual conduct, so let’s see what the possible causes of investigations in the corporate sector are.

    1. Infidelity

    The unfaithful employee, especially in complex organizations and in very competitive sectors, is able to put his company in serious difficulty by providing confidential information to possible competitors or by divulging negative news to newspapers rather than to sector operators in exchange for economic remuneration or particular benefits. Corporate investigation services help find evidence, through stalking and retrieval of information from unofficial sources, of the actual misconduct of the employee.

    2. False leave

    Law allows an employee to obtain 24 hours a month of paid leave in order to assist a family member with a severe disability. A very important opportunity for those with a disabled person in their family to follow a child or parent more closely and give them time to improve their living conditions.

    Unfortunately, it may happen that there is an abuse of these permits and that the employee does something else in his free hours. Also, in this case, the investigations go to verify what is actually done by the person concerned.

    3. False illnesses

    The same goes for sick leave. It should be investigated whether the person’s behavior is in line with the management of the disease itself. A simple and clear example is the person who has a permit for ankle tendonitis and, in the evening, outside visiting hours, goes for a jog in the park. In fact, by law, the employee who is ill must undertake to ensure that his condition does not deteriorate.

    4. Double work

    Linked to the issue of permits is the case of a worker who, thanks to these free hours, rounds up his income with a second job for which he would not actually have the material time. Even these cases are easily found by a professional investigator who, thanks to his expertise, can prove the person’s misconduct.

    5. Computer investigations

    This particular case is valid for those who use the PC and the internet as tools for daily work. Some companies block the ability to use social media rather than visiting external sites. Where this cannot be done, there are computer surveys that prove what actually took place in a day. Furthermore, if an employee uses a company phone or tablet and moves the company on a daily basis, thanks to a GPS tracker, it can be checked whether the reported movements coincide.

    6. Collection of evidence for dismissal

    All previous investigations may have the most extreme purpose of terminating the employment relationship with the employee; the information gathered by an investigator can, in fact, be used as a cause for dismissal before a judge.

    7. Pre-employment surveys

    To close positively and promote optimism, let’s look at the cases of a worker who finds an important new job and what information is available from the company in the pre-employment phase.

    Especially for the selection of people in managerial and responsibility positions, companies need to have the main information about the person verified, both in terms of work experience and previous past in private life.

    Also, in this case, the investigations help the company to find important information to make a choice that is fundamental for its future.


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