#CHOPPED: What I realized when I cut off all my hair.

    short hair

    About 6 months ago I turned 25, aka, had my Quarter Life Crisis.

    Freaking out, as most 25 year olds do, I decided I needed a change.

    That was mistake #1…..

    My best friend is a Master Colorist, ( she’s the only human ever allowed to touch my hair) so when I told her I wanted to chop off 12 inches, she thought I was crazy. Both her and my mother warned me that this could be a really bad idea- but it’s just hair, right?

    In 25 years I had never, and I mean NEVER, had hair shorter than the middle of my back. My mom and BFF urged me not to do it, and typical of myself, I didn’t listen.




    I sat in the chair as my best friend’s co worker prepared to begin my reinvention

    My best friend even asked me one last time if I was sure I wanted to do this. She suggested maybe doing it gradually incase I didn’t like it. Again, totally ignored the warning.

    And off we went. Inches and inches falling onto the floor as I felt liberated and excited about having  a new look. It was going to be the pivotal moment in my life when I discovered the sophisticated adult inside. I was going to look just like J.Law and rock everything about my new hair cut

    When I was finally done and styled, they turned me around in my chair and…

    I loved it!

    It was fresh, fabulous, and my hair looked healthier than it had in years. I even remember uttering the words, “ I may never grow my hair out again.”

    Well, mama always said watch what you say…

    It took me a total of 3 days to realize I had made a huge mistake. This above the shoulder bob was not me! I went from a Quarter Life Crisis to an Identity crisis. I didn’t look anything like Jennifer Lawrence (probably because I don’t look like her anyway), and all my flexibility with my styles and curls were gone!




    Every time someone told me how amazing my hair looked, I wanted to cry because they couldn’t be telling the truth…I looked like a 12 year old! It’s bad enough I still get carded everywhere I go, asked if I decided which college I’ll be attending in the fall, and how prom was…now I was never going to be taken seriously!

    What I had done was so much more than cut off my hair. I freaked out and tried to change who I was. My Quarter Life Crisis has succeeded in making me loose my sh*t.

    My hair wasn’t just hair, it was my security blanket. It was my messy bun and crazy beach curls. It was my camouflage when I hated my outfit and my saving grace when my make up was just not working.



    I needed to figure out how to fix yet another mess I had gotten myself into. Considering I’m terrible at being a girl anyway, extensions were totally out. I would never be able to fasten them in correctly. That’s all I needed- to be out to dinner and have a giant wad of hair fall into my pasta.

    (Vomit. Vomit Everywhere.)

    So I did the only thing that seemed right. I started eating biotins like it was my job. Everyday like clock work, I made sure to take 1, 2, even 3 tablets in order to bring back my long luscious locks. I washed my hair as sparingly as possible and tried any type of “miracle grow” bullsh*t I could find. Sadly, nothing could give me back my 12 inches of hair over night.

    So here we are, 6 months later, my hair getting longer each day but not even close to where it once was. I still want to cry every time I see someone with the hair I use to have. SO STUPID.

    I’m attempting to find the bright side ( and it ain’t easy) but at least I walked away with some new knowledge…

    Lessons Learned:

    • The Quarter Life Crisis will only get you if you let it.

    • Listen to your best friend and your mother, ALWAYS.

    • And don’t ever try to change yourself, it’ll only make things worse.

    Be good to your long beautiful Rapunzel hair. You don’t know what you’ve got until you  chop it all off liking a f*cking idiot.




    image Cred: Giphy.com


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