Choose the Best Imported Style Custom Flip Flops

    Customized products have become a favorite for many. They are a perfect match for someone who is looking for a gift to offer to a special person. Custom flip flops are one such product. But how can you just get the perfect pair of these adorable feet companions?

    Low-quality flip-flops will often lack quality or structure for the foot. You will notice that they easily bend when twisted and that means they can prevent foot fatigue. A good flip-flop will have minimal flexibility and therefore provides proper balance and alignment for the feet.

    Get the Right size of Custom Flip Flops

    When your heels are badly exposed, perhaps hanging off the edge of the sole, you could easily be cut or stabbed by rocks. Likewise, an oversized pair will still not be ideal since the edges can catch on surfaces, and cause you to trip. Get the right size to be comfortable.

    It is also important to replace worn out flip-flops that have cracks in the sole or uppers. Deep foot indentation is a sign that they have worn out and need replacement.

    Choose Where to Wear Your Flip Flops

    You have just received your custom flip flops and can’t wait to step out in style. No matter the excitement, you need to remember that there are places where you cannot go wearing flip-flops such as on a going on a steep slope or going uphill. According to the American Podiatric Association, one should not wear flip-flops for distance walking. You should also not wear them while gardening or playing sports.

    However, you can step in your favorite flip flops while going to the beach, at the pool or just lazing around the house.

    The toe posts and straps may often cause slight irritation or blisters on some people. However, there is nothing major to worry about because these minor injuries as they can be prevented if you use an anti-lubricant. After you have worn the flip-flops for a while your feet will eventually develop a tough skin on those sensitive areas.

    How to Choose the Best Flip Flops

    Whenever you purchase flip-flops for proper foot support and good foot health make sure to check the Seal of Acceptance that is provided by the American Podiatric Medical Association. A group of podiatrists reviews the product and will carefully examine the evidence the company provides on product testing and safety quality control. Products that fail to provide thorough documentation or don’t promote proper foot support or promote good health are rejected. The seal is awarded of awarded for a period of three years and the manufacturer can request for renewal.

    Only a few companies have received this recognition. Here are representative models of flip flops with features that make them superior choices:

    • ABEO Sandals: the stores brand with sandals from the ABEO line offers free foot scan services for its clients to determine which of their sole designs is best for a person’s foot and gait. They have neutral soles that provide arch support for the feet. There are also soles for motion control and soles for the metatarsal support that relieves pressure on the foot.
    • Chaco Flip-Flops: this brand has numerous designs and all products have the Seal of Acceptance. The flip-flops have anchored straps at the mid-foot and this ensures a tight grip on the feet. They also prevent stinky sandals thanks to the presence of antimicrobial application.
    • Fit Flop: these sandals have a technology which basically provides mini-massages to your feet as you walk. They provide excellent cushioning and have also received the Seal of Acceptance. If your feet feel sore after a long walk then these are a good choice. They are also comfortable to wear as you go for a shopping spree. However, these ones do not have the arch support found in the other designs.
    • SOLE Flip-Flops: this brand makes unisex sports flip-flops and also have the Seal of Acceptance. One of the main advantages of these sandals is that they have wide straps that spread out pressure on the top of the foot. They also have a contoured cork footbed that provides support for the feet as you walk.

    Flops for Urban Use

    People who live in urban areas prefer a more stylish flip-flop and will care less about such factors such as stability or traction. Of course, comfort comes first so even if you are a city dweller you would want to choose a flip-flop that will keep your feet happy even after covering miles of concrete sidewalks.

    For instance, the Olukai Hiapo fits well in this category. It has a sewn leather thong and is, therefore, a perfect choice for casual weddings and fancy dinner dates. The sandals also perform very well on trails as it has leather-wrapped soles and rubber traction pods. Stylish flip flops are simple and can be excellent in the urban environment. You can wear them as you go to the grocery store or just stroll down the street.

    Sandals For Water Use

    If you a flip-flop enthusiast who loves water sports, you will want to choose sandals with the best traction and stability even when wet. Choose a sandal with a thong that stays snug when wet and is made of a quick drying material and is thus making the best water sports flops.

    The Chaco Flip Eco Tread is known for its stability and traction and has a quick-drying strap material. Some extra straps available on the sandals will provide security to the feet.

    Looking Good

    Although the style is often a controversial topic, you would surely want to look good even when in a casual setting. The best features in a flop are clean lines, low key colors and leather straps. Some of these stylish flops come in multiple pairs that go with different clothes. Just choose flops that will make you feel good. Avoid the kind of styles that easily wear out or are made of poor quality material.


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