Change Your Style on a Budget

    It’s normal to get bored with your current style and want to change things up. After all, as humans, we are constantly growing and evolving, and the look that may have suited you five years ago may no longer be an accurate reflection of your current self. It’s easy to change your style if you have unlimited amounts of cash, but doing so on a budget is a little more challenging. But it can definitely be done. Here’s how:


    Getting a haircut or changing your hairstyle is one of the most cost efficient yet effective ways to transform yourself. A dramatic new haircut can completely change your look. When it comes to your hair, it’s worth investing in a haircut from a skilled and reputable stylist, good quality hair care products, and hair extensions, which you can find at

    These three things may cost you more money upfront, but you’ll end up saving a bundle in the long run. A good haircut from an experienced stylist will wear well for months as your hair grows, so you can bypass any “awkward” stages, and you won’t have to keep going back to the salon to get a trim. Quality hair care products will keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny, which are all essential when you want to look good and put together. High quality Indian or Brazilian hair extensions made from real virgin hair will make it easy for you to try many different hairstyles, and will last for years with proper care and maintenance.

    Changing your hair can give you a whole new look, and if you are on a budget, these are the three things worth spending your money on.

    Capsule Wardrobe

    A capsule wardrobe consists of a few essential pieces of clothing that you can build your own personal style around. These are the “building blocks” of your outfits, and should mainly be basic, functional items that will never go out of style. For example, a pair of dark blue jeans or a classic white t-shirt.

    When changing your personal style on a budget, invest first in a capsule wardrobe with well made basic essentials. Don’t start with accessories or trendy items; these will soon go out of style and you’ll have to replace them to avoid looking outdated.

    Think about your lifestyle and preferences before deciding which basic pieces to build your wardrobe around. If you work in a traditional office, it would make sense to start with a sharp blazer, tailored pants and a good pair of heels. If you’re a student or a busy mom, well made jeans and a sturdy pair of flats might suit you better. Buy these basic pieces in your favorite neutral colors, then you can expand and create a wardrobe that reflects your personal style by adding trendier items and accessories.

    Shop Wisely

    If you’re working with a limited budget, it’s important to prioritize and make smart choices. Don’t blow all your hard earned money on an expensive air of neon platform heels that will most likely go out of style after a couple of seasons.

    Spend most of your money on the basic essentials instead of on trendy items. You’ll be wearing the former more often, so you’ll want them to be well made, comfortable and durable. These items include pants, underwear, and shoes, see the numerous shoe reviews on Shoe Hero. You should spend a bit more on these since you’ll be wearing them frequently and you don’t want them to get worn out too quickly.

    At the end of the day, don’t feel pressured to change your style if you already feel comfortable with your existing clothes or look. What matters is that you feel confident and comfortable, whether you are “trendy” or not. If you’re going to change your personal style, do it because you want to, and it will make you feel good. After all, the most stylish person is someone who is confident and comfortable in their own skin.


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