Can Nurses Use Smartwatches?

    We’re all pretty much aware that a wristwatch is an essential part of our lives. From being mere accessories that tell time, watches can now carry out numerous other tasks to help with our daily lives.

    If this multi-functional tool can provide various benefits to an ordinary person, it kind of makes you wonder how it’ll help professionals in their respective fields. Thus, we’ll take a closer look into that and see if this gadget is handy in medical situations.

    Can nurses use smartwatches? Are there benefits they can get from it? Allow us to answer these questions for you.

    Can Nurses Use Smartwatches?

    Anyone can wear a smartwatch. It’s just a matter of how efficient you are in using it. With all the smartwatch features, it would be a waste if you don’t maximize its potential.

    That said, yes, nurses can use smartwatches. You may even find this device extremely useful in your line of work because smartwatches don’t just tell the time. They also have various features that are quite similar to a smartphone.

    This makes the smartwatch a reliable tool in challenging situations, which are almost always present when working as a nurse. If you’re wondering how one simple tool can improve your life as a nurse, allow us to show you.

    What Are the Benefits of Smartwatches for Nurses?

    If you’re not aware, the smartwatch industry has seen a dramatic increase in sales over the past few years. That’s probably because of the wide market range they seem to have found.

    When it comes to the medical field, here’s how smartwatches are helping nurses.


    As a nurse, you interact with hundreds of people daily, which is why you’re prone to pathogens that may detrimentally affect your health. That is why you wash your hands regularly, as this is the most frequently used part of the body.

    One of the many features of a smartwatch is that it’s often waterproof. This feature reduces the need for you to remove your wristwatch when washing your hands. This saves you a lot of time that you can use to rest or attend to other patients.

    Monitor Vitals

    It’s not a secret that being a nurse is extremely stressful and tiring. As professionals who take care of other people, you need to take care of yourself as well.

    The good thing about a smartwatch is that it’s now capable of monitoring a person’s heart rate. As such, you can identify whether or not the stress you are experiencing is beyond normal.

    By learning from your smartwatch that they have an abnormal heart rate, you can pause and perform breathing exercises to reduce your stress levels.


    Let’s not forget that it’s also important that smartwatches are stylish. Of course, how can a wristwatch with numerous features be helpful if no one wears it in the first place?

    That’s why various manufacturers ensure that their smartwatches’ overall design and appearance are visually appealing. You won’t have a problem choosing a watch for male nurses because there’s a wide variety of options out there. Similarly, female nurses may also find smaller smartwatches that would be perfect for their tastes.

    Alarms and Reminders

    It’s considered medical malpractice if a nurse gave a patient the wrong medication. Similarly, the nurse may also face other sanctions if he or she forgot to administer a specific dose to a patient at the exact time.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about these anymore. Smartwatches allow you to set alarms and reminders. This will help you keep track of your tight schedule and ensure that your patients receive the treatment they need at the right time.

    Lightweight and Versatile

    It would be rather inconvenient for you to be running and pacing around while carrying a heavy object in your wrists. On the other hand, wearing a small watch might not be ideal for other nurses since the size of the screen may prevent them from seeing the time properly.

    Fortunately, smartwatches are available in lots of different sizes. You can definitely find one that’s perfect for your wrists.

    The best part about it is that smartwatches do not use small gears. That means despite its size, a smartwatch would be significantly lighter than any other wristwatch in the market.


    Nurses are arguably the modern-day heroes in today’s society. That’s why manufacturers and businesses make sure that a wide variety of products are available to them.

    These products help ensure that nurses can carry out their daily tasks simpler and easier. Doing so will ultimately lessen the stress and exhaustion they might be experiencing regularly.

    If you have ever asked yourself the question, “Can nurses use smartwatches?” The answer is, you should. The various features of this device will certainly help you in your call of duty.

    Main Photo by Artem Podrez.


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