Can Jalen Ramsey Back-Up All This Trash Talk?

    Jalen Ramsey is the best corner back in the National Football League. From his prolific beginning at Florida State as a 2x First-team All-ACC (2014-2015) and BCS national champion to shutting down high end wide-receivers on a weekly basis for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Ramsey has been in the news recently calling out players across the NFL. 2x Super Bowl Champion and 6x pro bowler Ben Roethlisberger was referred to as “decent at best.” Ramsey “won’t say (Eli Manning) is good” even though he is 2x Super Bowl MVP and 4x pro bowler. He “doesn’t really think (Andrew Luck) is that good.” To be fair Andrew Luck has missed time due to injury but even he was a 3x pro bowler.

    These are 3 quarterbacks Ramsey will face this season and if does not shut their receivers down he is going to have to eat these words. Ramsey is an incredible talent and can match up with any receiver in the NFL. However, an off week against a player he has trashed could really make him look foolish. Confidence is important to perform well in any sport and trash talk is part of the game. That being said, these games are coming in the following weeks and only time will tall if he can back up what he said during the pre-season.

    Check out this Jalen Ramsey trash talk compilation:

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