Bringing Back Custom Wallets in 2021

    Do you remember when custom wallets first became a thing? Guess what – they’re coming back. But is it a good idea?

    Wallets are among the most important accessories men can own today. After all, they serve as a home for valuable items: cash, ID cards, photos, and more. Available in different styles, sizes, colors, and materials, there’s an option for everyone. Whether it’s an old bi-fold or a slim and sleek wallet, it’s a must-have accessory. Wallets have become a necessity that some of us take for granted.

    The wallets today have evolved from simple styles and designs that trace back from centuries ago. The idea was to have an accessory to carry valuable things. And as time passed, the staple has developed to cater to our ever-dynamic needs. 

    Wallets continue to improve in terms of design, making them more suitable for modern men. While you can find several wallet styles, they all differ in the fundamental design. They also have qualities that make them different.  

    How custom wallets came to be: A brief history

    Contrary to what some people believe, wallets aren’t new inventions. They’re as old as humanity. But how did they come to be?

    Ancient wallets

    The word wallet came from the ancient Greek word Kibisis, which means the sack that the God, Hermes, carried. Wallets have been a part of our lives for a certain period, although not in the shapes we use today.  Otzi the Iceman’s wallet is one of the oldest wallets in the world. Many experts believe that it dates to around 3,300 BC. Back in ancient times, people had to hunt and forage for food daily. But that would have been impossible if their hands were full.

    Greek and Roman wallets

    Greek and Roman citizens used coin purses and hid them in their togas or attached them to their hip. While some of the wallets have already eroded, some archeologists have discovered different types of coin wallets.

    The Greeks and Romans would bring their items – from reminder notes to small coins they used for currency. Even Gods like Hermes, in Greek mythology, carried items using satchels and coin purses.

    The early wallets

    The early wallets that the Greeks used looked like a knapsack or small pouch made from durable fabric. They were large enough to carry provisions so people could survive the day or week. They can be made from lambskin, horse, or cow leather, and more. The Greeks used to tie them around their neck using a drawstring. Usually, they would use them to carry essential items, including food and other provisions. 

    During the 1300s, things began to change, and wallets became smaller. People no longer needed to carry food and provisions. Instead, they held calling cards and coins. And just like their Greek and Roman ancestors, they wore wallets at the hip.

    Wallets started to take a more familiar size during the 17th century – the introduction of paper currency. Because of the paper currency, there was no longer a need to carry wallets around the waists. 

    Fast forward, in the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution paved the way for more Americans to use wallets. They started using them to carry money and other items for smoking. People in Spain also used them for this purpose.

    Wallets today

    After a hundred years, leather bi-fold wallets became popular, especially during the introduction of charge cards. Before, each purpose would require a different card. For instance, they had charge cards for eating, air travel cards for flying, and more!

    Wallet design started to change again following the introduction of credit cards in the 1950s. They made room for credit cards, making them easier to use.

    During the 2000s, wallets became more fashionable. People started using custom wallets, making bi-folds less popular. Custom leather wallets come in different sizes and styles – and each has an engravement option. Being able to add a memorable inscription is an excellent way to add flavor to your personality.

    Eventually, slim wallets made from weatherproof fabrics became the wallets of preference. And then, we became interested in the minimalist wallet. They were more simple, but they never failed to deliver all their functions.

    Why use custom wallets in 2021?

    Custom leather wallets are an excellent choice today, as they have features that make them stand out from other types of wallets. Currently, they are the leading products on the market. Not only are they durable, but they’re also aesthetic. Leather as a material reflects comfort, softness, and water-resistance. Most importantly, they’re easy to clean.

    After a decade, custom wallets are making a comeback. But are they still worth it? Let’s find out. 

    Easy maintenance

    You don’t need to do so much to take care of leather. You’ll only need to use products designed for leather. The purpose of maintaining it is to restore it to its original state. 


    Leather wallets always exude elegance and luxury. They’re like a piece of art that only gets better with time. Leather is and will always be the right choice, whatever the occasion is. You’ll never go out of style!


    We all know that leather has a long life, unlike wallets made from synthetic materials. High-quality wallets can even last a lifetime. Leather is so durable that it can withstand harsh environments, making them an ideal option for wallets.

    Tailor fit to your needs

    There’s a wide variety of leather wallets for men, so it’s not hard to adjust them to a specific person. While they differ in shape, design, color, and texture, you can easily find something for yourself.

    The perfect accessory to your wardrobe

    Leather wallets can perfectly match other accessories, including bags or belts. You can conveniently create your style, which will make you stand out. Elegance requires recognition these days, so you should take advantage of this trend.

    Are custom wallets worth it? Indeed. They never go out of style, which makes them perfect whatever year it is. Not only do they have a classy appearance, but they are also strong. What makes them even more beautiful is their versatility, being handcrafted with your needs in mind.


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