Brian Gavin Diamonds Reviews: Diamond Collections Available for You

    Purchasing a Brian Gavin diamond is easy considering all the information, images and videos that are designed to help you make a decision. Each diamond has images that show eye-cleanliness, brilliance, and a grading report. In fact, the company makes it possible for clients to request a Sarin report on email before finalizing a sale.

    The history of Brian Gavin the jeweler goes back over five generations of diamond cutting. Today, the company is known for its unique collections featuring special properties. The Brian Gavin range of products has high-quality diamonds for different budgets in five major categories.

    Signature Hearts and Arrows(H&A) Collection

    The diamonds in this range are ideally cut, featuring perfect proportions that allow for the best light performance. These diamonds are exceptional in terms of brilliance and sparkle. Furthermore, the diamonds are designed to offer exceptional performance under any lighting.

    BG has patented its hearts and arrows ideal cut in cushion shape. Like round diamonds, this collection has cushion-cut diamonds with exceptional sparkle and brilliance. Both cushion and round H&A diamonds have an American Gem Society (AGS) triple 0 rating for light performance, polish and symmetry.

    Each diamond also has an AGS certificate number engraving alongside the BG logo. Such cut diamonds are rare and they require masterful cutting skills.

    The Princess Collection

    This BG exclusive collection features super flawless princess cut diamonds with perfect light performance and proportions. The princess cut is second in shape popularity, especially for engagement rings. Plus, this is the only shape that has a brilliance that’s similar to that on the round cut diamond.

    While most cuts on the market have 57 or 76 facets, Brian Gavin’s princess cut has 53 only. Like the H&S line, princess cut has AGS Triple 0 certification.

    Blue Collection

    BG’s blue collection diamonds have a medium to strong fluorescence. While fluorescence is considered as a negative aspect likely to lower a diamond’s value, in other circles, it’s taken as a positive. Well, fluorescence can be taken as either a plus or a minus for diamonds.

    However, BG intentionally keeps collections of medium to strong fluorescent diamonds, which are not affected negatively. In fact, Brian Gavin himself personally inspects each stone for visual perfection. Since fluorescent diamonds cost 15 percent less than their non-fluorescent counterparts, you can get a quality BG diamond at a good price – the presence of fluorescence notwithstanding.

    The Black Collection

    The staff at BG is always looking for innovative ways of improving and raising the bar when dealing in diamonds. One of their newer collections is the Black collection. This line features the best of the best stones at Brian Gavin with unmatched brilliance, performance, beauty, and precision.

    However, these are not black color diamonds, but high-quality diamonds that are one step above the super ideal cut. Each stone in the black line starts out as a high-quality diamond before it goes through a series of patent-pending cutting techniques. The result is stones that feature better light performance compared to other diamonds in the entire Brian Gavin itinerary.

    The Cape Collection

    The lower a diamond’s color grade, the more affordable it becomes. In most cases, low color graded diamonds are considered as inferior quality and aren’t sold by most vendors. The Cape line in BG features diamonds with color grade M and below on the diamond color scale.

    Final Verdict

    The BG platform provides you with all the data you need to make an informed purchasing decision, while transparency makes shopping easier and pleasant. While their products are generally pricier than similar online retailers are, they are more affordable compared to big brands.

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