Boppy Carrier Product Review

    The Boppy ComfyHug Hybrid Newborn Carrier has been one of my must haves as a new parent! My baby girl and I love it. This amazing carrier is designed for comfort and connection with your precious little one. With a hardware free design, yoga-inspired wraps and a soft structured center panel for baby, the ComfyHug can securely and comfortably carry babies as small as 5lbs. The size inclusive design conforms to you and baby’s changing bodies. Caregivers from plus sized to petite will be comfortable.

    I started using my Boppy ComfyHug Hybrid Newborn Carrier a week after my baby was born. I am a very active hands on mom, so this has been a life saver. Don’t get me wrong bouncers are good too but for me there was nothing more important than having my baby close to me and still being able to get things done around the house. This awesome carrier is Designed for newborns, you can rest assured that baby will be secure from day one. The ComfyHug was created with NICU experts and parents of preemie babies to ensure a great fit for your newborn.

    The ComfyHug Baby Carrier’s design helps promote bonding. The tank top-style arm straps are comfortable and provide a shirt like feel for skin-to-skin babywearing, easy-adjust wraps and the Snuggle Screen mesh panel make for comfortable in-carrier nursing and the shape of the back panel creates a cozy environment. We all know how important bonding or skin to skin is with our babies. So this was a perfect way to get it done and still being able to move around.

    My baby is 8 months old now and I still use my Boppy ComfyHug Hybrid Newborn Carrier. To all my new moms or moms to be, I highly recommend this product. You will not regret adding it to your baby registry. To view more about this product visit:


    • Joselin Estevez

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