Blogging – A Passion for many students

    Blogging today is a global phenomenon. It is the medium which the people, especially youngsters and students, use to write their thoughts and share it with the world via different social networking platforms or the other bookmarking website. But, a lot of times, we see that the bloggers fail to make their blog a sensation and take them to the next level. That is why, even I ponder time and again, what is it, that acts as a push or a driving force, which can elevate your blog to the next big thing. And this big push is your ‘passion’. Shayna Khan, who work with assignment help Australia, says that a lot of young students who come to her for assignment help are involved in blogging, and that is why they are forced to get their homework outsourced. 

    We all know that the starting phase of a blog is filled with pressures, hard work and challenges. I have spoken to several bloggers and asked them about their struggle during the initial period of their blogging career. And unanimously, all of them agree that it is the starting phase, which is the toughest. Nobody makes substantial money by any of those promoted advertisement programs. So, that is when your passion plays a pivotal role in helping you move forward without thinking about distractions or even money. Today, there are many students who have a passion for blogging. So, what is it that makes you passionate about blogging? 

    Is blogging your passion?

    Here, I am discussing with you five factors which make a passionate blogger. I am sure, if you too are passionate about blogging, you’ll agree with me. 

    You love learning new things every day

    A lot of youngsters who start blogging aren’t aware of the technicalities associated with it. It involves the understanding of SEO, basics of writing, generating traffic and the ability to create content that can go viral.  Raman Kumar, who help students to buy college essays online says that even he wasn’t aware of these technicalities. And that’s a case with 90% of the young bloggers. It is when you make mistakes, you learn and get better with time. When you start your blog, you’ll learn new things every day, and if that’s the kind of person you are, you are genuinely passionate about blogging.  

    When I blog, I feel teleported to a different world

    As students, we are very young. A lot of things, keep happening, in our personal lives, be it our relationships with our partners, friends, family or ourselves. Amidst all this confusion, we are already dealing with the stress of studies and homework. You know, while I was studying, I hated python. So, I used to look for online platforms that do my python homework for a small fraction of money, and I would use my saved time to blog. And I noticed and whenever I blog, I forget about every other thing, happening around me. It not only is satiating but is also fun to be a part of this world where I get to interact with new people via a digital medium. Now, even six years down the lane, if I do not blog in a day, I feel awful that day. So, if you are the same, well you are already passionate about this field.  

    No fixed schedule to blog

    Blogging requires a lot of learning, and this learning happens only with experience. So, the more time you spend on blogging, and the more you interact with your audience, the more fruitful are the results. You cannot bind a schedule to your blogging. But since you are a student, I understand that you have limited time. So, make sure you use your time wisely, and whatever time is left, you use it to live your passion for blogging. While I was studying, I used to take up some online courses from platforms like TrumpLearning which would speed up my learning schedule and then I would use the rest of my time working on my blog. 

    Money is only secondary

    You don’t always do things for money. Of course, money is essential, but when you start, make sure you are doing it to live your passion and not with an agenda of earning money. Be assured that if you are doing it well, the money will automatically follow. So, if you are passionate about blogging, you’ll never have to worry about money. Samir, who writes online reviews, did an excellent Seo Powersuite review. He is of the view, that since he is passionate about reviewing new software, he reads about them every day, and then tries to share his knowledge with the world. His primary objective is to share knowledge, and since, he has gotten good at it with time, money is never a problem.  

    Don’t believe in shortcuts

    Last but not least, blogging is never about writing articles. It involves your social presence, so you have to create content that is driving. For that to happen, you need to have a lot of patience and devote sufficient time. If you want to take this passion to be your career, you need to include only ethical ways to achieve success. Passion with the right blend of hard work backed with ethics, and that is your recipe for success.  

    So, if you feel, you too have all of this in you, you are already a passionate blogger. Keep working, and you are sure to attract more and more audience in the times to comes. And if you think, you are not there yet, but still want to do blogging, here are a few things that you can do. 

    How to get your blog started?

    Here are some tips that will help you take up blogging and make it your passion and a career option. 

    Research about blogging

    Sarika, who offers term papers for sale, is also a blogger. She says, when she started, she tried to research as much as possible about the field of blogging. And I cannot agree more. Sometimes, we are driven by the fame and the money earned by some of the bloggers that we know online, and try to ape them. No, that is not the right way to go about it. You need to research for a minimum of 3-6 months and see all the aspects of blogging. If that’s what interests you, you are ready to take it up!

    Find out your niche for blogging

    Now, there are people, who write multi-niche blogs, but I am of the opinion, that if your blogs are more niche-specific instead of them being generic, the chance of their success is more. Moreover, if you are writing about something that you are already good at, you will never feel bored, and you can do all of it, by yourself. So, entertainment, sports, motivational, online reviews, comedy, gadgets or others, whatever, you like, blog about it. It could be something as personal as your life story to something as technical as politics. If it is of your interest, you’ll excel at it. 

    So, good luck from us to all the young bloggers. If you are new, you can leave the links of your blogs, in the comments below and we can check them out. Further, if you need any assistance, do write to us, and our experts will help you out. 


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