Best & Worst Cities For Football Fans in 2017

    A true fan of football acknowledges that the sport is more than a game: it’s a sacred American tradition. We’re not just a spectators but also a participants. We don’t just proudly wear your team’s jersey, perfect your game-day chili or tailgate with fellow fans. We must roar like an American when your team scores a touchdown — or express supreme dismay when their asses are handed to them on a platter.

    But to show passion for the sport, it doesn’t hurt to have the best seats in the house. With Super Bowl LI upon us, WalletHub’s number crunchers compared 244 U.S. cities with at least one college or professional football team across 17 key metrics. According to WalletHubs research, the data set ranges from “number of NFL and college football teams” to “average ticket price for an NFL game” to “fan friendliness.” Read on for the winners, expert sports commentary and a full description of how WallltHub ranked the cities. For fun and interesting facts about the biggest sporting event of the year, make sure to check out WalletHub’s Super Bowl LI By The Numbers infographic.

    Source: WalletHub

    Best Football Cities for Fans

    Overall RankCityTotal Score‘NFL’ Rank‘NCAA (FBS & FCS)’ Rank
    1Green Bay, WI63.691235
    2Pittsburgh, PA50.4524
    3New York, NY43.30418
    4Dallas, TX41.043235
    5Boston, MA39.915120
    6Seattle, WA39.28971
    7Philadelphia, PA39.18173
    8Indianapolis, IN38.447138
    9Glendale, AZ36.946235
    10Minneapolis, MN36.821431
    11Atlanta, GA36.481622
    12Kansas City, MO36.418235
    13Houston, TX36.07247
    14Charlotte, NC35.5012174
    15Miami, FL35.291927
    16Denver, CO35.2410235
    17Oakland, CA34.4511235
    18Nashville, TN33.342374
    19Tampa, FL33.292661
    20Cleveland, OH32.9413235
    21Buffalo, NY32.8920150
    22Los Angeles, CA32.5721145
    23New Orleans, LA32.0718192
    24San Diego, CA32.05318
    25Washington, DC31.813066
    26Cincinnati, OH31.6515214
    27Baltimore, MD31.2028139
    28Clemson, SC30.42321
    29Tuscaloosa, AL30.32322
    30Jacksonville, FL29.4929200
    31San Francisco, CA29.2122235
    32Chicago, IL28.7225235
    33Detroit, MI28.6027235
    34Fayette, MS23.24325
    35Baton Rouge, LA23.06326
    36Cambridge, MA21.54329
    37Tallahassee, FL21.493210
    38Gainesville, FL21.403211
    39Athens, GA21.003213
    40Chapel Hill, NC20.923214
    41Huntington, WV20.833215
    42Fargo, ND20.733216
    43DeKalb, IL20.693217
    44State College, PA20.373219
    45Toledo, OH20.293220
    46Lincoln, NE20.173223
    47Jacksonville, AL20.103224
    48Grambling, LA19.783225
    49Dayton, OH19.653226
    50Princeton, NJ19.613212
    51Boise, ID19.403228
    52Boone, NC19.383229
    53Eugene, OR19.363230
    54Huntsville, TX19.223232
    55Durham, NC19.203233
    56Statesboro, GA19.173234
    57Hanover, NH19.083235
    58Harrisonburg, VA19.003236
    59Conway, SC18.973238
    60Bowling Green, KY18.883240
    61Norman, OK18.853241
    62Madison, WI18.753242
    63Cheney, WA18.723243
    64Ruston, LA18.623244
    65New Haven, CT18.623221
    66Annapolis, MD18.533245
    67Bowling Green, OH18.503246
    68Conway, AR18.493247
    69West Point, NY18.473248
    70Durham, NH18.343250
    71Norfolk, VA18.313251
    72Fayetteville, AR18.313252
    73Hamilton, NY18.293253
    74Prairie View, TX18.273254
    75Morgantown, WV18.263255
    76Youngstown, OH18.233256
    77Lake Charles, LA18.183257
    78Knoxville, TN18.133258
    79Provo, UT18.123259
    80Normal, IL17.973260
    81Stillwater, OK17.963263
    81Athens, OH17.963262
    83Colorado Springs, CO17.933264
    84Chattanooga, TN17.893265
    85Mount Pleasant, MI17.863267
    86Waco, TX17.853268
    87Fort Worth, TX17.843269
    88Richmond, VA17.823270
    89Jonesboro, AR17.743272
    90Memphis, TN17.743273
    91Brookings, SD17.553275
    92Ann Arbor, MI17.473237
    93Grand Forks, ND17.413276
    94East Lansing, MI17.393239
    95Martin, TN17.193277
    96Orangeburg, SC17.153278
    97Richmond, KY17.143279
    98Williamsburg, VA17.113280
    99Lewisburg, PA16.983281
    100Birmingham, AL16.983282
    101Charleston, SC16.963283
    102Columbus, OH16.943249
    103Pasadena, CA16.943284
    104Champaign, IL16.943285
    105Des Moines, IA16.873286
    106Louisville, KY16.843287
    107Iowa City, IA16.813288
    108Smithfield, RI16.813289
    109Spartanburg, SC16.773290
    110Hammond, LA16.753291
    111Cullowhee, NC16.733292
    112Oxford, OH16.723293
    113Boulder, CO16.723294
    114Akron, OH16.703296
    115Missoula, MT16.633297
    116Kennesaw, GA16.633298
    117West Long Branch, NJ16.613299
    118Tempe, AZ16.5832100
    119San Antonio, TX16.5332101
    120Murfreesboro, TN16.5332102
    121Manhattan, KS16.5132103
    122Macomb, IL16.5032104
    123Evanston, IL16.4632105
    124Flagstaff, AZ16.4432106
    125Bethlehem, PA16.4332107
    126Troy, AL16.3732108
    127Charleston, IL16.3432109
    128San Luis Obispo, CA16.3032110
    129Logan, UT16.3032111
    130Tucson, AZ16.2932112
    131College Park, MD16.2432113
    132Cedar City, UT16.1932114
    133Berkeley, CA16.1532115
    134Nacogdoches, TX16.1132116
    135Albuquerque, NM16.1132117
    136Abilene, TX16.0432119
    137Piscatawayship, NJ15.9832121
    138Reno, NV15.9632122
    139Beaumont, TX15.9532123
    140Orono, ME15.9532124
    141Terre Haute, IN15.9432125
    142Macon, GA15.9032126
    142Pullman, WA15.9032126
    144Orlando, FL15.9032128
    145Lafayette, LA15.8132130
    146Austin, TX15.8032131
    147Providence, RI15.7932132
    148Greeley, CO15.7432133
    149Tulsa, OK15.7232134
    150Cookeville, TN15.6632135
    151University Park, TX15.5532136
    152Poughkeepsie, NY15.5332137
    153Boiling Springs, NC15.4432140
    154Towson, MD15.4432141
    155Carbondale, IL15.4232142
    156Ithaca, NY15.4232143
    157El Paso, TX15.4032144
    158Stanford, CA15.373295
    159Greenville, NC15.2532146
    160Lexington, KY15.2032147
    161Lubbock, TX15.1732148
    162Hampton, VA15.0332149
    163Pocatello, ID14.9332151
    164Natchitoches, LA14.9032152
    165Easton, PA14.7932153
    166Auburn, AL14.7732118
    167Raleigh, NC14.7532154
    168Murray, KY14.6832155
    169Greenville, SC14.6732156
    170San Marcos, TX14.6632157
    171Clinton, SC14.6532158
    172San Jose, CA14.5532159
    173Oxford, MS14.5532129
    174Jackson, MS14.5532160
    175Vermillion, SD14.5432161
    176Columbia, SC14.5332162
    177Honolulu, HI14.4932163
    178Ypsilanti, MI14.4232164
    179Sacramento, CA14.4232165
    180Syracuse, NY14.4232166
    181Monroe, LA14.3732167
    182Elon, NC14.3432168
    183Winston-Salem, NC14.3332169
    184Charlottesville, VA14.2632170
    184Itta Bena, MS14.2632170
    186Johnson City, TN14.2632172
    187Kent, OH14.2532173
    188Denton, TX14.0532175
    189West Lafayette, IN14.0332176
    190Springfield, MO14.0232178
    191Corvallis, OR14.0032179
    192Huntsville, AL13.9932180
    193Fresno, CA13.9632181
    194Boca Raton, FL13.9332182
    195Thibodaux, LA13.8632183
    196Morehead, KY13.7832184
    197Portland, OR13.7732185
    197Ames, IA13.7732185
    199South Bend, IN13.7432187
    200Las Cruces, NM13.7332188
    201Davis, CA13.5732189
    202Las Vegas, NV13.5032190
    203Kingston, RI13.0232193
    204Starkville, MS12.9032177
    205Savannah, GA12.7632196
    206College Station, TX12.2732191
    207Lawrence, KS12.0732197
    208Dover, DE11.9132198
    209Clarksville, TN11.8832199
    210Kalamazoo, MI11.8232194
    211Greensboro, NC11.7832195
    212Salt Lake City, UT10.6432201
    213Loretto, PA10.4832202
    214Columbia, MO10.2532203
    215North Charleston, SC10.0032204
    216Blacksburg, VA9.8332205
    217Daytona Beach, FL9.4732206
    218Newark, DE9.4132207
    219Fairfield, CT9.3632208
    220Fort Collins, CO9.1032209
    221Cedar Falls, IA9.0132210
    222Bozeman, MT8.8732211
    223Lynchburg, VA8.7232212
    224Buies Creek, NC8.5532213
    225Hattiesburg, MS7.9532215
    226Laramie, WY7.8132216
    227Montgomery, AL7.7932217
    228Albany, NY7.7832218
    229Stony Brook, NY7.6232219
    230Bloomington, IN7.3432220
    231Muncie, IN7.3332221
    232Mobile, AL7.3132222
    233Ogden, UT7.1432223
    234Moscow, ID6.9632224
    235Worcester, MA6.9232225
    236DeLand, FL6.3632226
    237Cape Girardeau, MO6.3532227
    238Valparaiso, IN6.0732228
    239East Hartford, CT6.0332229
    240Amherst, MA5.7432230
    241Lexington, VA5.5032231
    242New Britain, CT5.3732232
    243Pine Bluff, AR4.9132233
    244Davidson, NC4.3332234

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