Best Places To Get Married in 2017

    Planning a wedding can be stressful.  It’s a demanding and protracted process which (theoretically) it should be the best day of your life.  It’s why the term “bridezilla” became an entry in the wedding glossary.

    It’s a daunting task to say the least: sending invitations, securing reservations, planning your menu and designing an overpriced cake.  It takes months to plan,, even  years in  advance, as this is the biggest commitment you will make in your entire life.  Hence a $60 billion wedding industry just for the “big day”.

    WalletHub conducted a survey of 150 cities too find the cheapest and most convenient wedding destinations based off of 20 key indicators of nuptial-friendliness, ranging from “average wedding cost” to “venues and event spaces per capita” to “hotel availability.”


    Source: WalletHub

    Best Places to Get Married






    CityTotal Score‘Costs’ Rank‘Facilities & Services’ Rank‘Activities & Attractions’ Rank
    1Las Vegas, NV74.215751
    2Orlando, FL74.048813
    3Atlanta, GA69.996429
    4Tampa, FL65.4341115
    5Cincinnati, OH64.6327827
    6Scottsdale, AZ63.0353128
    7Salt Lake City, UT62.9292322
    8Fort Lauderdale, FL60.83651016
    9Knoxville, TN60.5942942
    10Miami, FL60.5599611
    11St. Louis, MO59.7882725
    12New Orleans, LA59.67582710
    13Springfield, MO57.8134045
    14Boise, ID57.1494932
    15Tucson, AZ56.94286414
    16Birmingham, AL56.13192659
    17Richmond, VA55.95631336
    18Austin, TX55.62911720
    19San Diego, CA55.04118184
    20Tempe, AZ55.03473423
    21Reno, NV54.53772824
    22Albuquerque, NM54.26159626
    23Portland, OR53.361161513
    24Spokane, WA52.49225043
    25Sacramento, CA52.481211415
    26El Paso, TX52.13114199
    27San Francisco, CA52.1315042
    28Chattanooga, TN51.91124383
    29Pittsburgh, PA51.741022130
    30Denver, CO51.561151918
    31Grand Rapids, MI51.37323173
    32Seattle, WA51.241251612
    33Baton Rouge, LA50.47344846
    34Mobile, AL50.0788785
    35Minneapolis, MN49.31963231
    36Tulsa, OK49.18209847
    37Honolulu, HI48.8414596
    38St. Petersburg, FL48.73447240
    39Los Angeles, CA48.06128357
    40Modesto, CA47.90933635
    41Kansas City, MO47.86508337
    42Louisville, KY47.47269266
    43Memphis, TN47.365127100
    44Huntsville, AL46.76338567
    45Omaha, NE46.74407853
    46Houston, TX46.54974633
    47Augusta, GA46.491094110
    48Brownsville, TX46.472148146
    49Tallahassee, FL46.03624764
    50Phoenix, AZ45.985110938
    51Shreveport, LA45.797118113
    52Oklahoma City, OK45.763011661
    53Madison, WI45.53666948
    54Fayetteville, NC45.431675114
    55Dallas, TX45.24735555
    56San Antonio, TX44.84547660
    57Rochester, NY44.691172358
    58Nashville, TN44.56695768
    59Colorado Springs, CO44.54947339
    60Amarillo, TX44.463111391
    61Bakersfield, CA44.45846252
    62Raleigh, NC44.39745669
    63Lubbock, TX44.321888120
    64Anaheim, CA44.061263728
    65Columbus, OH44.064910557
    66Charlotte, NC43.94399388
    67Lexington-Fayette, KY43.783512478
    68Columbus, GA43.6713114119
    69Overland Park, KS43.533684104
    70Laredo, TX43.076147137
    71Glendale, CA42.981222263
    72Mesa, AZ42.964710475
    73Buffalo, NY42.781073956
    74Montgomery, AL42.7511117135
    75Cleveland, OH42.651005254
    76Durham, NC42.45608189
    77Jackson, MS42.3421111123
    78Little Rock, AR42.252977127
    79Washington, DC41.921433017
    80Chandler, AZ41.825510882
    81Plano, TX41.62816695
    82Greensboro, NC41.5414149101
    83Fresno, CA41.52789181
    84Lincoln, NE41.45688296
    85Henderson, NV41.426112671
    86Norfolk, VA41.355912176
    87Sioux Falls, SD41.324395107
    88Wichita, KS41.2523120118
    89Chicago, IL41.091315829
    90Corpus Christi, TX41.0225128115
    91Milwaukee, WI40.809510350
    92Santa Rosa, CA40.671322074
    93Indianapolis, IN40.664614579
    94Vancouver, WA40.431123397
    95Akron, OH39.934297121
    96Jacksonville, FL39.848711077
    97Fort Worth, TX39.787910787
    98North Las Vegas, NV39.744553126
    99Virginia Beach, VA39.63989072
    100Tacoma, WA39.581084294
    101Des Moines, IA39.517679109
    102Detroit, MI39.426714080
    103Toledo, OH39.4217138138
    104Long Beach, CA39.101364434
    105Garden Grove, CA38.961056090
    106Winston-Salem, NC38.9524150103
    107Glendale, AZ38.765212598
    108St. Paul, MN38.731037193
    109Fort Wayne, IN38.723789141
    110Irving, TX38.377167128
    111Irvine, CA38.221273870
    112Baltimore, MD37.801236551
    113Cape Coral, FL37.238514665
    114Arlington, TX37.0371122111
    115Gilbert, AZ36.7938106130
    116Hialeah, FL36.4880102122
    117Newport News, VA36.1675131116
    118Huntington Beach, CA36.121384149
    119Philadelphia, PA35.8314011221
    120Oakland, CA35.261462544
    121Stockton, CA35.2310413092
    122Chesapeake, VA35.1456136133
    123Peoria, AZ35.0786133112
    124Oceanside, CA35.061208686
    125Pembroke Pines, FL34.3289139117
    126San Jose, CA34.281414562
    127New York, NY33.521476819
    128Riverside, CA33.3013059102
    129Rancho Cucamonga, CA33.2411470125
    130Santa Ana, CA33.2112961105
    131San Bernardino, CA32.72110115108
    132Ontario, CA32.3811963124
    133Aurora, CO31.96101100142
    134Garland, TX31.8790135139
    135Port St. Lucie, FL31.4883142148
    136Chula Vista, CA31.4010980144
    137Providence, RI30.941339984
    138Grand Prairie, TX30.7570144140
    139Anchorage, AK30.53124119106
    140Boston, MA30.151495441
    141Fontana, CA27.78110132147
    142Aurora, IL25.92106137149
    143Jersey City, NJ25.9113974132
    144Moreno Valley, CA25.88113143143
    145Santa Clarita, CA25.77134101131
    146Fremont, CA25.7014251136
    147Oxnard, CA24.15137128129
    148Worcester, MA22.57135134145
    149Yonkers, NY21.0014824150
    150Newark, NJ20.31144123134


    Here it is in Infographic form:

    Artwork-Best and Worst Cities to Get Married-2017-v4

    Here are the stats of the best vs. worst cities as per WalletHub:

    Best vs. Worst

    El Paso, Texas, has the lowest average wedding cost, $15,514, which is 2.7 times lower than in New York, the city with the highest at $41,187.

    Orlando, Fla., has the most venues and event spaces per 100,000 residents, 61.15, which is 33.8 times more than in Cape Coral, Fla., the city with the fewest at 1.81.

    Washington has the most event planners per 100,000 residents, 96.14, which is 22.7 times more than in Stockton, Calif., the city with the fewest at 4.23.

    San Francisco has the most photographers per 100,000 residents, 171.51, which is 32 times more than in Newark, N.J., the city with the fewest at 5.36.

    Orlando, Fla., has the most bridal shops per 100,000 residents, 15.58, which is 43.3 times more than in Greensboro, N.C., the city with the fewest at 0.36.

    San Francisco has the most musicians per 100,000 residents, 18.44, which is 55.9 times more than in Anchorage, Alaska, the city with the fewest at 0.33.

    Orlando, Fla., has the most flower shops per 100,000 residents, 108.28, which is 33.6 times more than in Greensboro, N.C., the city with the fewest at 3.22.



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