Best of Summer Beauty Tips With Marianna Hewitt

    Are you curious about what is trending in summer beauty?

    Lifestyle blogger Marianna Hewitt caught up with the DC Relationship Examiner to share some timely beauty tips that do wonders for work, date night and everything in between.

    To give you a little backstory on the beauty guru, Hewitt is a makeup junkie at heart and loves to share her favorite beauty products as well as how-­to video tutorials on everything from the latest must­have Lipstick to beauty hacks for getting beach waves that will never go out of style.

    Because of her beauty expertise, Hewitt was recently handpicked to be part of Colgate Optic White’s Designer Smile Squad to share the latest beauty and fashion trends with her fans. No matter if you are prepping for date night or simply want to look good for work or play, here are four must­know summer beauty tips from the summer beauty and fashion guru Marianna Hewitt, a Colgate Optic White Designer Smile Squad Member:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.43.13 PM
    Photo used with permission from Marianna Hewitt and Colgate.

    Beauty Tip #1: Go bold.

    Summertime is perfect for trying a bright, bold lip color. Try a red lipstick with blue undertones to make your smile look brighter and opt for a matte formula to make your color last even in the heat.

    Beauty Tip #2: Stick to a routine.

    Long summer nights can mean getting to bed a little later than usual, so make it easy to follow your nighttime beauty routine by laying everything out beforehand. Hewitt follows the same routine every night from skincare to flossing and brushing her teeth with Colgate Optic White High Impact White toothpaste to keep her smile bright. Leave face wipes and floss on your nightstand as a reminder to follow your routine.

    Beauty Tip #3: Simplify.

    Summer is a great time to simplify your beauty routine by relying on multi­purpose products. Hewitt likes to use a lip and cheek tint combo that can brighten the smile and also give some color to the cheeks. This is a great item to keep in your purse for mid­day makeup touch ups.

    Beauty  Tip #4: Beat the heat.

    Summer heat can leave skin feeling oily. Instead of piling on more makeup, try using a tissue or toilet paper to blot your t­zone and keep skin looking fresh.

    To learn more beauty and style tips from Marianna Hewitt, follow the beauty guru on Instagram.


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