Best of Squarespace Developers: Q and A with Vigasan Gunasegaran

    Vigasan Gunasegaran, a recent expert in the web design and online marketing field, is one of the best Squarespace developers around. Gunasegaran’s deep knowledge in optimizing websites and strong skills in SEO have helped hundreds of website owners. Recently Amy Shawn sat down with Gunasegaran for an Q&A on website design and career reflections:

    Amy Shawn:

    You have been in website design for quite a while. What was your inspiration to enter this field?


    I did a program in Software Engineering when I was in school and found that it wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d hoped because most of the time, you [students] were working on snippets of code that would be plugged into a larger program, but rarely got the chance to work on an actual program and see it work.

    While at this job, I met someone who sold golf clubs locally but he had no online presence at all. I worked together with him to build out a website, his social media presence, etc. and it was extremely rewarding to see his small business grow.

    Since then, I’ve been working mainly with small businesses on their website, advertising, and SEO work.

    Amy Shawn:

    Your story sounds familiar. Many people start out pursuing a particular area of study, only to fall in love with something else, sometimes accidentally. Is there a project you particularly enjoyed working on since?


    I would have to say my favourite project was my very first one since I learned the most there. I learned what to do and what not to do. I learned how to ask questions to clients so you get a straightforward answer without having to worry about clarifying yourself. It was just such an amazing learning experience overall.

    And that experience has led to his current business Adlytic Marketing where he has helped to create and fix hundreds of websites for business owners. Gunasegaran has also branched off into areas of digital marketing too.

    His clients include people with websites across various industries. He recently created a website for Mylène Besançon, who was among the first 100 recipients of the coveted Startup Visa Canada for entrepreneurs in January 2016 and first French female born. The young, lively, and exotic entrepreneur has since displayed a growth-oriented mindset as a co-founder and brand mentor.

    Amy Shawn:

    What was one of the most memorable experiences working with a client?


    Working with Mylène was great because she knew exactly what she wanted. She even sent me mockups of how she wanted things to look, which made my job so much easier.

    Amy Shawn:

    What do you see yourself and your company achieving in the next 5 – 10 years?

    We’re currently trying to branch off into the advertising world as well. We’re finding that a lot of our clients get the website they want, but don’t know how to get it out there. A lot of them have approached us about advertising but we’ve had to refer them elsewhere as it wasn’t something we offered at the time. We’re currently undergoing training and we expect advertising to be a majority of our work within the next few years.


    The future looks bright for Gunasegaran. He continues to do great work and more people are starting to take notice as he takes steps to expand and develop his business. To contact him, email [email protected]


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