Best Honeymoon Spots For The Winter

    If you want a memorable honeymoon, then plan it in the winter. Winter romantic trips can be magical. Imagine playing in the snow, crackling fires, drinking hot cocoa, and cuddling in a blanket. It’s a good feeling.  Don’t you think?

    Besides, winter honeymoons have some advantages. You will be off work. Many businesses close down at the end of the year. So, you’ll be free from meetings and work contracts. Also, Winters is an ‘off-season’. As a result,  prices will drop. You’ll acquire accommodation and airfare at affordable costs.

    If you’re not sure of destination,  here are the 5 best winter honeymoon spots you might consider:

    Explore the Popular Reykjavik, Iceland

    Enjoy your romantic trip to an island full of nature. If you’re looking for relaxation and adventure, head over to Reykjavik city. You’ll reward yourselves with plenty of activities such as, ice climbing, horse riding, and chasing lights in the North. Also, you’ll view hot springs, glaciers, ice caves and lava fields.

    To get a memorable experience, visit the settlement museum. You’ll have a close look at the old Viking longhouse. Besides, you can go to the Saga Museum. And, you’ll learn interesting stories of the ancient Icelanders.

    For a spicy nightlife, don’t forget to catch a show at Harpa Concert Hall. You’ll see how the arts centre is amazingly built, and it is an experience that both of you will enjoy. Also, you can tour the city restaurants.  And, you’ll get a treat of fresh and tasty seafood, lobster soup, lamb stew, and traditional vegetables

    Get a Memorable Holiday in Switzerland: If you are a ski lover, then try the Swiss Alps in Zurich City. The Alps offer a platform where you’ll ski the whole day as you interact with others. Whenever you are hungry, you can access your meals on the same spot. You’ll find restaurants at the foot of the mountain which serve delicious food.

    If you want to watch the landscapes, then you can board a train  which passes through the bridges and tunnels of Tirano. This way, you’ll not only see mountains with snows but also glaciers and lakes.

    Furthermore, you can shop at the Christmas markets, and visit the popular chocolate factory. By which, you’ll eat tasty chocolates, and you’ll get trained on how to make your own chocolates when at home.

    Experience True Romance in Aspen, Colorado.

    For couples who prefer lively experiences, Colorado is the best place for you. Aspen towns have attractive winter slopes, hot springs, and Ski Mountains. You’ll get a chance to enjoy snowmobiling, ice skating, and dog sledding. Also, whenever you want to learn how to ski, you can access the Ski and Snowboard Schools for professional training.

    Besides, if you want to relax after ski sessions, you can visit the hot spring pools. Or, access the spa treatments in an adults-only resort. As for night dinners, the ski towns have excellent restaurants. You can access drinks and excellent food services.  If you stay in a private cabin, you can decide to cook.

    Finally, you can take sleigh rides. The Rocky Mountain State offers a horse-drawn sleigh ride tours for its visitors. You can choose to use either public or private rides. While at it, you’ll get an opportunity to view the entire winter backdrop as you ride through the snowfields.

    Spend your First Night in Prague, Czech Republic.

    Prague has the best treats for a winter honeymoon. To light up your trip,  you can visit, pubs, cobblestone roads, and unique shops. Also, you’ll find souvenirs at the markets for your partner in the festive season. Some of the markets you can visit include Peace Square, Old Town Square, and Prague Castle.

    Moreover, you can go to castle tours, visit historic cottages, and take a boat trip. For meals and drinks, be sure to check out their cafes. They have legendary cuisines you’ll love. If you want to go for a romantic dinner, then you can consider the Allegro restaurants.

    Additionally, the country has nice spots where you can snap pictures together and keep them for good memories.

    Have Your  Special Occasion in New Zealand: A honeymoon involves two parties, In New Zealand, there are fewer crowds during winter. So, you’ll find beautiful ski resorts to romance with your partner. If you’d like to stay indoors, you can access a luxurious joint that has a log- burning fire, and, you’ll cuddle up all you want.

    Besides, you’ll enjoy viewing natural landscapes and the scenery of the Queenstown city. You’ll watch the torrential rain as it transforms into amazing waterfalls. Additionally, you’ll see the snow blankets.

    Moreover, winter honeymoons in New Zealand are cheaper. So, you’ll have many options. You can either choose to upgrade to a nice-five star retreat or save the money for future trips

    Although many romantic trips happen in the tropical season, couples need to consider winter vacations. There’re amazing places you can tour and have fun with your spouse. You’ll not only engage in various activities including skiing, horse riding and dog sledging but also get a chance to taste different delicious cuisines.


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