Best French Italian Restaurant in NYC

    Mamo Restaurant review, arguably one of the best French Italian Restaurants in New York City

    When you think about fine dining in NYC, you may want to pick French or even Italian fare. The question is why not just have both? Here comes on Mamo NYC located in downtown Manhattan across from the Soho Grand Hotel.

    The owner of the restaurant grew up in Calabria, Italy but spent a considerable amount of time in France. You can tell by the richness of the food that it is French, but the menu is Italian. Mamo has a Cipriani Downtown vibe with an old school flare (Sinatra was blasting the whole team which lent itself to an even better experience).

    I order the Bufala Mozzarella for starters as they nailed it as this is not an easy cheese to make or obtain. Needless to say, it was scrumptious as it was on top of eggplant and fresh tomato which complemented the cheese to perfection. Then I proceeded to get the Spaghetti Carbonara which is my favorite Italian dishes. The chef prepared it the old fashioned way which meant less cream sauce; it was still perfect despite being used the creamy version I used to have at home. To finish off the meal I decided to try the Chicken Milanese over a fresh salad. The meal was complement with an Aperol Spritzer which is perfect when dining in the summer in NYC. Overall it was an excellent culinary experience as I will be returning for dinner in the very near future.

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