Best Cannabis Brands of 2016 That You Didn’t Know You Needed

    2016 was major for cannabis. With the recreational legalization of cannabis in California, there are sure to be new edibles, shops, brands and beyond popping up everywhere in 2017. Even with a new era of cannabis on the horizon, 2016 gave us much to love (and smoke) and introduced us to a couple brands that are leading the way and setting a new standard for the best the cannabis industry has to offer.


    The brainchild of model and former Miss Iowa Jessica VaerSteeg, AuBox sets the gold standard for luxury cannabis subscription services. Available in 7 individual themes including Beauty, Man, Day and Night, Edibles, Sampler, Intimates and Pet Lover, AuBox has something for everyone on your Christmas list. The carefully curated boxes are second to none in the industry boasting only the best cannabis products, luxury packaging and an option for hand delivery. Now if that isn’t high class, we don’t know what is.

    Boxes start at $150 each

    SuicideGirls Cannabis Vape Cartridges

    SuicideGirls, the largest alternative community on the internet is now one of the fastest growing cannabis brands in California. This past year, SuicideGirls Cannabis introduced their new effects-based line of Cannabis Vape Cartridges: Chill, Hustle, and Zero. Chill is an Indica, specifically formulated to calm the mind and body. Hustle is a Sativa that was created to boost energy and creativity. Zero is a Hybrid with THCV which is known to suppress appetite and the perfect choice for the holiday season to help fight off the munchies.

    Breez Mints 

    Forget skunk weed. Cannabis has never tasted so minty fresh thanks to Breez Mints. We’re not sure why nobody thought to make cannabis mints sooner, but we can’t get enough of these tiny treats. Available in three dosages: 5mg THC, 5 mg THC/ 5mg CBD and 20mg THC, Breez Mints are as discreet as they are tasty never leaving you with bad breath or a bad buzz. Altoids go home!

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