Best Beard Grooming Products for under $10

    Keep your beard game strong with Beard Guys.

    I never thought of myself of a “beard guy,” but now its two years later and I still look like a drunk pirate. I grew out the beard out of pure laziness as I hate daily shaving and never had the courage to wear a beard in corporate sales. My lack of shaving was limited to vacations. Ironically, there is still a decent amount of care needed for your beard, despite having to shave daily.

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    That comes with grooming, washing, and conditioning to make sure your beard game is tight. Here are some great items from the Beard Guyz all under $10:

    Beard Guyz Daily Wash 35, $9.99

    • Daily Wash 35 contains a blend of 35 active ingredients, working together to clean the beard and skin of the oils and impurities that occur during the day
    •  Gentle enough for everyday use
    • Apply kit contents, allow to develop and then proceed to wash off and apply the After Glow Gloss for a silky smooth effect 

    Beard Guyz Deep Conditioner 25, $9.99

    • Deep Conditioner 25 works to moisturize and condition the hair of the beard leaving it feeling soft
    • Specifically created to work well on coarse, stubborn and gray hairs

    Beard Guyz Beard Growth Serum, $9.99

    • Promotes healthy hair growth, working to fill in patchy areas and assisting new growers in starting full, thick beards
    • Contains a blend of natural and organic active herbals, peptides and extracts to help nourish facial hair and revitalize skin in preparation for incoming follicles

    Beard Guyz Beard Scentz, $6.99

    • Helps eliminates unwanted smells that build up in your facial hair
    • Natural and organic ingredients like Tea Tree, Manuka and Thyme Oils help ensure that your beard retains moisture and keeps it luster
    • The spray fits in your pocket for on-the-go freshness

    There are also a ton of other products the Beard Guys sell that are for those gents who are hard core to maintain the Lumberjack look.

    The Beard Guyz collection of products is available at


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