Benefits of Having a Hot Tub in the Home

    Hot tubs have been touted as a great addition to the home for over a decade now. There are relaxation, health and also property price benefits of having one in the home. If you don’t believe us and need some convincing, then read on.

    1. Improves sleep

    Have you ever noticed how quickly and comfortably you can fall asleep after a dip in the hot tub? There is a scientific reason for this phenomenon.

    When your body is cold it is burning fuel, and working to keep you warm. After you have relaxed in the hot tub there are fewer bodily functions at work to keep you warm, focused or preparing your notes for tomorrow’s meeting.

    This means you will stroll off to bed relaxed and ready to begin your sleep cycles right away. It is a well-known fact that a quality sleep cycle does much to improve one’s health and happiness.

    Sleeping cycles are a time the body uses to regulate hormonal balance, properly regulate the metabolic process of obtaining energy from food and even organizing and processing information gathered from the experiences of the day.

    If you feel tired, worn out and fatigued even after just a few hours into your day, you could be getting poor quality sleep and a hot tub can fix that for you.

    1. Reduces stress and anxiety

    As well as improving your sleep cycles and thereby your other vital functions, getting a hot tub can reduce stress and anxiety levels considerably. The combinations of hydro massage, warm water and just sitting there in a comfortable “mindless” state regularly can restore the mind and soothe all manner of physical and mental stress.

    Experts have noted that when an individual is feeling relaxed and mentally soothed you are less likely to attract the wrong type of attention from neighborhood teenagers. This could lessen your chances of being Tee Pee’d during the night.

    Stay away from stress and anxiety and live a bit longer — with a relaxing hot tub.

    1. Reduces arthritic and chronic pain

    The many discomforts of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis as well as many other conditions of the circulatory and respiratory systems can benefit from a regular dip in the hot tub. The buoyancy provided from the bubbles relieves the stress on the bones and joints and relaxes the muscles as well. The warm water circulating around the body optimizes the circulatory system. This type of regular therapy can also reduce the inflammation caused by many of these conditions.

    When suspended in this comfort, an individual suffering from the chronic pain caused by any of these conditions can feel great relief and even experienced heightened mobility during their active day. This can lead to a steady reversal of symptoms if continued regularly.  

    1. Lowers blood sugar

    While the subject is still being studied by the medical community, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that indicates regular time spent in a hot tub can actually be a benefit to those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

    One such study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers took test subjects and placed them in a program where they were submerged in a hot tub up to their shoulders six times a week for three weeks. The results were indisputable the test subjects all saw a dramatic drop in BG levels (Blood Glucose) the average reading was between 182 mg/dl to 159 mg/dl. When you look at swim spa prices and think about the benefits they could provide and problems they could alleviate, it’s not that expensive.

    1. Lowers blood pressure

    As well as reducing the levels of blood sugar in the body, a hot tub has the added benefit of lowering the blood pressure as well. This can be a benefit to many conditions characterized by high blood sugar.

    When you first enter the hot water in a hot tub, your body reacts by trying to dissipate this heat, your heart beats very quickly and blood flow is increased. Subsequently, the increased blood flow is also carrying large amounts of oxygen to the cells of the body. The increased oxygen levels and warmth of the tub will cause the cells to dilate and this lowers the resistance placed on the heart effectively lowering blood pressure.

    (Important Note: Those suffering from high blood pressure should avoid moving too quickly from the cold pool to the warm hot tub and back as this can increase blood pressure.)

    Ready to get a hot tub? Here’s a guide to help you compare swim spa prices.


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