Ben Buckwalter: The Strategist Changing the Face of Sales

    Millionaire salesman Ben Buckwalter believes that the art of sales is really a science — one that can be understood and mastered by anyone.

    “Always be closing.”

    “Look for the low-hanging fruit.”

    “The customer is always right.”

    “Sell high or die.”

    Sound familiar? No wonder — these tired sales cliches have been around for decades. But while salespeople have been peddling goods for generations, times have certainly changed. Consumer culture, marketing channels, and modern science have evolved to the point that now, sales teams can’t afford to solely rely on old sales myths and mantras. The same tactics that worked years ago simply don’t cut it anymore. 

    Enter Ben Buckwalter, the award-winning sales trainer who’s turning long-accepted sales strategies upside-down. In his words, “Many traditional sales techniques and tactics are no longer effective. Salespeople face so many unique challenges today, from fierce competition to the power of the internet-informed buyer. That makes some think it’s not a good time to be a salesperson… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Through the advancements of modern neuroscience, tools now exist to help decode how the customer’s brain actually works.”

    As a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and consultant, Ben’s helped countless companies and entrepreneurs discover and leverage their untapped sales potential with his revolutionary scientific methods. Along the way, he’s learned a lot about the key mistakes most sales teams make, how anyone (yes, anyone!) can become a great salesperson, and how to use principles of neuroscience to achieve sales success.

    The #1 thing salespeople get wrong

    So what is it exactly that so many salespeople are getting wrong? What mistakes are they making that hinder their sales success? Ben believes it’s the mentality that “the customer is always right.” He adds, “Don’t get me wrong, customer service and relationships are extremely vital parts of the sales process. But initially, you want to educate the customer and present pain points they may not have even realized they had. If the customer was always right about everything, why would they ever need you?”

    As long as you’ve done your research to the point that you completely understand your niche and your audience, you’ll have plenty to teach. Listening to the customer is paramount, but educating the customer and offering real value to them is even more important.

    Is it really possible for anyone to become a successful salesperson?

    Some people seem to be natural salesmen. But what if you’re decidedly not born with that charm and ability to close? Is sales simply a gift, or can it be learned? Says Ben, “I truly believe anyone can be successful with sales if they learn from a proven system. Neuroscience makes it easier to be successful in sales today than it has ever been before. We have people from all walks of life celebrating sale victories because of the easy, duplicatable system. It’s no longer an ‘art,’ it’s a science — and anyone can have success in sales if they understand that science.”

    Of course, that doesn’t mean knowing the principles of sales and neuroscience will set you up to succeed 100% of the time. Ben adds, “You have to realize that failure is a part of the process of every successful person. The equation to success is literally the repetition of learning and applying.”

    Changing the Face of Sales with Neuroscience

    So what exactly is it that sets Ben Buckwalter and his consultees apart from other salesmen? What about his approach is so revolutionary?

    It’s 100% backed by science.

    Ben has developed a proprietary sales training program called NeuroSales™ that combines neuroscience and behavior research. Using scientifically proven principles, his methods enable any company or person to sell better, close more often and do it all in record time without ever sacrificing ethics or integrity. 

    Confidence gets you far. Understanding your product inside and out helps a great deal. But understanding how the brain works helps you get inside your customer’s head. It’ll help you know what tactics work — and most importantly, why those tactics work. Neuroscience makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of sales techniques with unprecedented precision and detail.

    Sharing Success

    Ben has already helped so many business owners, companies, and corporations master their selling process and scale exponentially — but first, he’s had to pinpoint what it is they’re doing wrong and help them believe they really can achieve sales success.

    These days, Ben is motivated by the desire to make a huge impact on other people’s lives. Ben says, “I believe unshared success is failure. So I’m on a mission to help a million people in my lifetime break the glass ceiling in their own lives.”


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