Becoming a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

    In this day and age, it is easier than ever to start a business – but harder than ever to maintain it, especially if you’re a woman. Even though the society is changing for the better, you are still expected to take care of your kids, do housework, and very often sacrifice your career just to be able to have a family.

    However, thanks to all the advancements in technology and the increased number of women who have fought against the pressure of the society and have become leaders that inspire and encourage other women to follow their path – the challenge to become a woman entrepreneur seems more realistic now than ever before. So, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, here are a couple of things you should know.

    Be realistic

    There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, as long as you are aware of your own capabilities. You need to be ready to work really hard, starting from your education. If you want to enroll in Harvard, or Yale or any other university, you should know that it will require a lot of effort and dedication. First, you need to gather information on how to get into an Ivy League School, and then, you have to organize your time so that you can both study and rest. Also, you shouldn’t try to do ten things at the same time, as that can only lead to additional, unnecessary stress. So, if you’re working on something as important as getting into the college of your dreams, it’s okay to set some less important things aside for a bit.

    Have a clear vision

    In order to be a successful leader, you need people to relate to you, identify with your story, and support your goals. To be able to achieve this, you need to know what you want and how you attempt to get it. In other words, you need to have a clear vision that people will understand and agree with.

    Don’t be afraid of getting personal if your goal is inspired by something that happened to you, as it can only make your story more unique. Also, besides having a vision, you need to be able to get your message across in the right way. Therefore, while working on reaching your goal, try to improve your communication skills as well so that you can express your thoughts more clearly and in a more inspiring way.

    Don’t be afraid to fail

    The fear of failure is what holds most people down – they are afraid of trying something new just because they might fail. Although this kind of mentality is sometimes justified, it’s not going to get you far in the business world. If you want to succeed, sometimes you will need to take risks. The truth is, you probably will fail a couple of times, but so what? Every failure is just another opportunity to learn from your mistakes; it is how experience is built. So, don’t be afraid of trying new things, and do not give up no matter how many times you fail – persistence always pays off sooner or later.

    Develop the right attitude

    In the business world, one of the most important things to have is thick skin. If you are the kind of person that takes things personally, you won’t get far, since you will need to be able to handle criticism – both constructive and non-constructive. Becoming successful is a long process that will require you to change, accept your mistakes, and evolve as a person – and in order to do that, you need to have a strong and emotionally stable personality. Plus, accepting constructive criticism and suggestions can also help your business grow as it allows you to see things from a different perspective. In other words, until you actually become experienced, it’s good to learn from other people’s experience. You don’t always have to follow everybody’s advice – and sometimes it will be better if you don’t – but try to always be open to listening, and try to show people that you value their opinion.

    Don’t forget to rest

    As already mentioned, becoming successful in the business world is a process – a long and exhausting process that will make you question everything you know more than once. Therefore, don’t feel guilty about taking some time off to relax every once in a while. If you push yourself too hard, you risk burning out, and nothing good can come out of that. In order to actually achieve your goal, you need to stay focused and energized, which means taking a break from time to time.

    Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a challenge that will require a lot of effort, patience, and emotional strength. However, if you know what your goal is and are willing to fight for it by learning from your mistakes, taking occasional risks, listening to those more experienced than you, and resting whenever needed, the only thing standing between you and that goal is time.

    Contribution by:

    Isabel Frank William, Consultant by Day and Blogger By night. A mom to twins 24/7 and recently editor on Health and Mental Health on  Areas of interest are well being, mental health, self-improvement as well as beauty of millennial transitions in all aspects of life – especially self-awareness.



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