Beauty Through a No Nonsense Approach with Dr. Zena Gabriel

    New Theory chats with West Coast Beauty Guru Dermatologist Dr. Zena Gabriel.

    I’m always skeptical when I interview Aesthetic Professionals as I worked in the pharmaceutical and aesthetic industry for over 20 years.  Also, the East and West coast take a very different approach towards aesthetics and preferences, so I wasn’t sure what to expect during my interview with Dr. Zena Gabriel.  She is a West Coast Dermatologist who you would think would be from NYC as she takes a very direct approach towards beauty.  Although she has excellent branding and appears to market herself well, there is no doubt that she is the real deal as we discussed how she analyzes each and every patient through her Signature Four approach.  Then customizes the recommended treatment based off her assessment.  I know it may sound obvious, but most aesthetic providers just fix the current problem and not address preventative measures like using SPF daily. Dr. Gabriel is maniacally obsessed with prevention as well as protecting your pocket as she openly admits she hits the Drugstore for part of her daily regimen.

    Take a listen to this amazing Dermatologist and Beauty Guru:

    Check out Dr. Zena Gabriel here:

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