Bathroom Vanity – Making your home sparkle with specialized bathroom furniture

    Every bathroom needs some kind of vanity unit, and there’s certainly plenty of choice in the stores, both on and off line. From flat-pack packages to bespoke commissions, the choice is yours; and whatever your budget allows for there’s a way to make your bathroom stylish and sparkly, you just need to take the time to find the pieces you love that look amazing in the space you have.

    Let’s start with the essentials

    There are some items of bathroom furniture that are must-haves, and others that you add for that extra bit of style and flair. Either way, there’s no need to compromise your taste; so shop for your perfect vanity with the same zest as you would for something less absolutely necessary!

    Your bathroom vanity is a star piece of furniture as it is going to be the focal point of your bathroom. It’s a busy place, being used several times a day, as well as doubling up as a great place to store essentials so your bathroom looks streamlined and uncluttered, so it needs to be something you find both really useful a fabulous to look at.

    The great news is that there are lots of different styles of bathroom vanity to look at, from the small, plain or minimalist models to the very modern and quirky – something for everyone’ tastes. If you’d like to find out more about these types of products then check out more Small Bathroom Vanity Units & Basins At Bathroom City.

    Start with space

    How much do you have, and are there any restrictions on where the vanity can be placed? Do you have the room for a traditional one unit horizontal vanity, or does it make more sense to divide it into two or more pieces? In a larger bathroom an L-shaped vanity can also work well.

    Move on to basins

    You may just want one, or need two, but how many can you fit in comfortably? Do they need to be side by side? Would one sink to the far side and a flat counter space to the side be more practical for you?

    Get styling

    This is the exciting part because you know what you are shopping for; you only have to decide if your perfect vanity will be antique, traditional or something unique. A restored antique piece may have lots of interesting drawers and doors, while a modern style unit may favor more open storage spaces, and be easy to paint if you like bright colors.

    Or you could go for a free-standing vanity, a stand-alone basin with mounted on the wall, with storage space being somewhere else, or just a simple counter-basin(s) combo.

    Top it off

    You may choose to have a worktop incorporating the basins, or as a stand-alone, either way, it can be made from a wide variety of materials to suit the bathroom décor and style. Popular choices include marble, wood, laminate, quartz and granite. They are all practical, but some are definitely more luxurious looking and feeling than others.

    Now you have chosen the furniture you can enjoy watching it come together to create a very special bathroom that reflects your personal tastes, and will make you happy for a long time. Enjoy.