Avoid Crossing the Line at Cosplay Events [3 simple rules!]

    It’s one thing to go a little fanboy when surrounded by buxom ladies as scantily clad versions of your favorite superheroes- but what is going too far?

    Ah, cosplay conventions! There are few things as jaw droopingly sensuous as seeing gorgeous women in various states of undress, adorned with fantastical weapons and spot on character motifs. In fact, most of them go to cosplay events with the full understanding that they are on display for your viewing pleasure, but there is still a line that cannot be crossed.

    Understanding the delicate balance between adoring fan and creepy jerk is vitally important, for you and for the entertainers. Hot cosplay girls are something to be revered, for sure. And there is absolutely a time and place where it’s appropriate to be inappropriate when it comes to cosplay porn – but it is definitely not at an event.

    There are a ton of really great cosplay porn sites that cater directly to the cosplay porn lover in all of us, where we can view unlimited amounts of videos and pictures in the privacy of our own homes. A bunch of cosplay girls even offer webcam or chat services. Which is great! It’s also a service that a bunch of us enjoy- so let’s not ruin it for the crowd, eh? With that being said, here are three simple things to keep firmly in mind when attending a cosplay event. These simple guidelines will ensure that the events are just as fun and stress free as they are supposed to be.

    1. Just because they are a cosplay porn entertainer, doesn’t mean they are *your* cosplay porn entertainer

    Even if you’re a mega fan, that has dropped hundreds of dollars and countless hours showering your favorite cosplay girl with affection and appreciation, does not give you license to them. If you are in public, or at a big event- remember that most of the people attending the event alongside of you feel largely the same way.

    Being a cosplay porn celebrity at any level – whether they are mega star, or just starting out, comes with its demands. Even as a newb most cosplayers have at least a few hundred fans. Even with a small amount of fans, that’s still requires a ton of the cosplayers attention. Attention that has to be spread equally throughout the crowd, so just remember that if you think your cosplay girl is the tops, chances are a bunch of other people do too.

    2. Understand and respect the difference between fantasy and reality

    Cosplay is all about fantasy. It’s an exciting fetish with throwbacks that excite many different facets of interests. With all things sexually exciting, it’s pretty easy to blur the line between fantasy and reality- but all the more important to keep it in focus. The ladies of cosplay will happily indulge your every fantasy if you choose to watch their videos, browse photos, or even have a one on one chat. But keep in mind that public appearances come with their own set of rules and responsibilities for your cosplayer.

    These girls have strict rules of conduct and etiquette to adhere to, as well as highly demanding schedules during an event appearance. So if they seem a bit distracted or less directly affectionate than you are used to, there’s a good reason. Fetish play and cosplay are fun because of the fantasy. If that were everyday life, it wouldn’t be as magical. So be sure to keep your hands to yourself and your wand in your pants during cosplay events. Don’t be discouraged if your favorite cosplayer seems busy, because chances are: she is. That just goes with the show.

    3. Never be abusive or harass the girls

    If you feel like you have been wrongfully treated or ignored during a cosplay event, there are appropriate avenues to pursue your understandable concern. Writing an email, contacting talent managers or event staff are all reasonable ways to deal with any event related problem that you may encounter. Please remember that it is never okay or appropriate to bring up personal issues with the entertainers directly. Especially while they are working, because – yes – cosplay is a job. And one that many of these buxom women work very hard at. Respect their time and their boundaries.

    If you treat the lovely ladies of cosplay with respect, they will definitely do the same. Never forget that chivalry goes as far in the real world as it does in the fantasy ones. Play on!


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