Asiasoft Has Been Spurred by the Boom of Online Gaming

    The online gaming industry is a huge sector that has certainly gained a lot of traction during the pandemic. The more people spend extra time at home and engaged, the more Asiasoft is benefitting. Asiasoft are SET-listed and they are based in Bangkok. They are currently riding the wave on the segment of sales reaching well over 1 billion. This is up by 81% for them. 59% of their total revenues came from countries such as Singapore and even the Philippines.

    Asiasoft and their Recent Boom

    Asiasoft is now trying to look ahead to see if it is possible for them to thrive even more within Asean. They have admitted that there is a high chance that they could be up against major competition from Garena. They are an online gaming developer and they have a HQ which is located in Singapore. It should also be noted that MMORPGs have generated well over 84% of the revenue for Asiasoft, all of which happened during the third quarter. Casual games such as casino games stand at 15%. Of course, some of the boom comes down to the fact that casino game providers are continually hosting promotions to draw in new users. MMORPGS are not able to gain this kind of steam, but this hasn’t slowed them down. Some of the different Unibet promotions that are available right now include free casino bets, free bonuses, extra cash winnings and more.

    So why are casino games and MMORPGS booming?

    The online gaming industry is booming because more people are connected at home and want to be part of something that takes them away from the stresses of daily life. This is why the online video market is booming so much right now. Of course, this was not just for existing users, but for new ones as well. People seem to be flocking to the market and this is fantastic news for Asiasoft.

    Growth Strategies

    When you look at things from next year, you will see that Asiasoft are planning on focusing on the new objectives and they are also launching new mobile games too. This is going to help them to expand into a new market. Mr Pramoth who owns the business has stated that mobile games are gathering pace right now and that this is being driven by the high-tech smartphones that are out. You also have the higher computing power in general which is fantastic to say the least.

    Rise in Female Gamers

    On top of this, there is going to be a huge rise in female gamers. In 2021, the company plans on launching 8-10 new mobile games and this is going to suit multiple players. They have stated that their very first priority is going to be MMORPGs if possible. Of course, if you look at the mobile platform known as App Annie you will see that games have been able to contribute to well over 70% of the revenue that comes from mobile applications that have been in Asean. This is all fantastic news for the company and it just goes to show how far things have come over the years. Of course, the tech market is booming, and this is only going to continue into 2021.


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