Are Streetwear Cargo Pants Out of Fashion?

    No, streetwear cargo pants are not out of fashion. When streetwear first came into existence, it was promoted as skateboard clothing. As time went by, more people started to pick an interest in streetwear cargo pants. Although at some point, streetwear cargo pants went out of fashion.

    Now, streetwear is back and better than before. Over the recent years, it has become well known. And since celebrities began adopting the style, it has become more popular. 

    Some people even mix streetwear cargo pants with other fashion styles. Imagine this; a suit then topped up with a beanie, even a corporate attire with a cross bag. 

    What are streetwear cargo pants?

    Streetwear cargo pants are a casual style of clothing that became a global trend in the 1990s. If you ask any person who is into streetwear fashion, they would tell you that streetwear cargo pants were a lifestyle, not just a trend then. Generally, streetwear is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful branches of the fashion industry. 

    Streetwear cargo pants according to the fashion industry are defined as clothing that is fashionable and casual, worn by followers of pop culture. The majority of pop-culture followers are below 30 and live-in urban areas. They are fans of hip-hop music, skateboarders. 

    Streetwear fashion is a whole lot more than what is being showcased. It is more than t-shirts worth hundreds of dollars, designer logos on everything, and the extremely long wait line at sneaker releases.

    Status and streetwear

    Wearing designer clothing is a way of showcasing your income level. When a clothing item has a designer logo slapped on it, it is automatically thought of as a sign of status and exclusivity. 

    Since not everyone can afford to spend a couple of hundred dollars to purchase exclusive designer wear, other less luxurious brands of the fashion industry started to offer customers affordable replicas. 

    To the untrained eye, these replicas may look like the real thing but those who live for streetwear fashion can spot the replicas from a mile away. Luxury brands tend to depend on scarcity and exclusivity to boost their products’ sales.

    What is considered streetwear?

    Whether you can afford to purchase a designer outfit that costs hundreds of dollars or something more within your budget. Your choice of outfits reflects who you are and your values. Your brand choices should reflect your style and fashion values.

    There is no right or wrong way to wear streetwear. The majority of streetwear fashion depends on your style, location, and income level. Your outfits should be styled in a way that feels like you and not based on what you see others wearing. You should never forget that streetwear is all about expressing yourself comfortably and practically.


    At this point, streetwear cargo pants suffered some setbacks. Although it is no longer the center of designers’ inspiration, streetwear cargo pants style has been infused into other aspects of fashion subtly or transformed completely through clothes that have a more classic style. You can visit this streetwear shop for affordable cargo pants.

    Main photo by Mike Von


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