Are Contact Lenses the Right Option for You?

    It is estimated that 45 million people in the United States wear contact lenses, with 66 percent of the wearers being female. As you can see, if you have been thinking about contact lenses to correct your vision – you definitely aren’t alone. However, before diving in and getting this type of vision correction device, it’s a good idea to learn more about them and whether or not you are a good candidate for them.

    Contact lenses are a smart option if you are active, play sports or just want to avoid having to wear glasses. Thanks to today’s innovative technology, virtually anyone can wear contact lenses – even if they suffer from an astigmatism, have dry eyes or wear bifocal lenses.

    Before purchasing contact lenses from a quality provider, see more on Lens World, it’s important to carefully consider if these are the right options for you. Keep reading for help in making this important decision.

    Benefits of Contact Lenses vs. Glasses

    There are several benefits offered by contact lenses over glasses – especially if you are active. Unlike traditional glasses, your contact lenses won’t slide down your nose or steam up. Also, contact lenses provide much better peripheral vision because there’s no frames present to limit your field of vision.

    Another benefit of contacts is the ability to wear any and all types of sunglasses, including the wrap-around, lightweight options that are great for cycling, running and hiking. You can also wear protective sport glasses over your contact lenses when playing sports, such as racquetball.

    Contacts are the Safer Option if You Play Sports

    For most sports, contact lenses are a much better option than glasses. A person who wears glasses are more likely to suffer an eye injury than contacts. When you wear contacts that have been fit properly by an eye doctor, the likelihood of it popping out of the eye is extremely small; however, if you lose a lens, its easy (and affordable) to replace it with another one.

    You can also wear contacts under your diving mask or goggles while swimming. If you need a large amount of correction and want to see in the water, contacts are the best option.

    Contacts are Affordable and Convenient

    Modern contact lenses are extremely affordable. In fact, you can get an entire year’s supply of contacts for approximately the cost of a quality pair of athletic shoes. The majority of contacts that eye doctors prescribe today are disposable. This means you are to replace them at intervals that range from each day to each month.

    Disposable lenses designed for daily replacement are ideal if you wear them during sports or just on occasion, because you have clean, fresh lenses each time you put them in. As a result, wearing contacts is easy and convenient.

    Talk to Your Doctor About Wearing Contact Lenses

    While the majority of people can wear contact lenses, there are some who aren’t good candidates for these due to cornea irregularities, past eye surgeries and other eye-related health problems. As a result, it’s imperative you speak with your eye doctor and undergo a full eye-exam before trying to wear contacts. Your eye doctor will also be able to prescribe the proper lens design, the proper shape and the right size for your eyes.

    Remember, contact lenses are considered a medical device. As a result, you have to have a prescription from your eye doctor to purchase them. During your appointment, your doctor will also go over the right way to use and care for the contacts you are prescribed. Be sure to follow care instructions, as dirty or old contacts can cause serious issues for your eyes and your vision in the short- and the long-term.  


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