Angela Babicz Talks About Her Nose Job

    Angela Babicz opens up about her nose job, snot and why she chose the doctor she chose.

    Angela Babicz is from Bad Girls Club #15 as the show recently announced it’s cancellation.  A very good run especially when it comes to reality shows.  Angela is a friend of New Theory as he first video garnered over 20,000 views on New Theory alone.

    If you haven’t seen her tell all video, you can see it here:

    Angela Babicz Tell All Video

    One of our most popular beats is Plastic Surgery as there are numerous benefits to Rhinoplasty. (Nose Job).  One of our most popular articles discusses the benefits of Rhinoplasty, click here to learn more:

    Top 10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty

    In her latest video Angela shares her Rhinoplasty journey along with the gory pictures and her 6 month post operative results.

    We thank Angela for being completely open about a possible taboo subject.  We think Anngela looks great and are excited to more from her YouTube channel.

    Video Credit: YouTube

    Image Credit: Google Images


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