Andrew Miller’s Top Tips for Being a Good CEO

    Being a CEO is a lot of work, arguably one of the most stressful jobs a person can have.  On top of that stress, keeping employees happy, and working to ensure you’re successful, many CEOs get judged poorly.  Often, this can be because of leadership styles that don’t work well with the people they’re leading.

    If you want to be the best CEO possible and give your employees someone to look up to and someone for customers to be proud to support, you’re in luck. Former Polycom CEO Andrew Miller describes how it is done.

    Lead, Don’t Manage

    Don’t micromanage your employees.  Not only is micromanaging stressful for those who work for you, but it’s also an unhealthy way to try and garner results.  You can show what you expect from those who work for you by instead doing it yourself.  This action will make you a better leader and give others a clear image of what you expect.  Managing in a way that’s too hands-on, and making people feel anxious working around you, will make employees quit a lot faster than they would otherwise.  The goal is to create a space where people will want to work for years; give them that in your business.

    Be Charitable

    It may seem counterintuitive to give away all of your money to be a successful business, but the moment you have enough money to be able to give- you should.  Charity work, and charity donations, will aid you in public opinion and help people feel a connection to you and your business.  Showing that you want good for the world and that you’re willing to make changes to reach it will help others know where to align your business.  This plan will also help others see your company as more human, and in turn, will appreciate you more.

    Listen To Different Opinions

    Although some opinions are too bad to be considered, when it comes to business, there are some good ideas out there that you probably haven’t even heard yet.  Listen to your employees, your business peers, and the media for the information you can use in your business.  Don’t lock in your personality and opinions like a statue; you should be more fluid than that.  Your business will grow from this, and so will the idea people have of you.

    Pay Employees Fairly, Treat Them Well

    This simple tip is the reason so many CEOs can fail in the court of public opinion.  A leader who treats their employees poorly, in horrible working conditions, or with lousy pay will have a high turnover rate and a bad reputation.  Although you don’t need to give every employee a thousand bucks an hour to keep them happy, you should work to pay them fairly for where your company is based.  An employee that can afford the things they want and need in life without having to get a second job is an employee that will stay and work harder.  Those you hire are the ones who will be the first to talk about your company; give them good things to say.


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