Advantages of Having Servers in the Cloud for Companies

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    It seems like years have passed since people used to go to their offices, turn on their computers and work for hours before returning home. Cloud servers have allowed new-age companies to focus not on where employees work but on how they work.

    Therefore, this new modality has introduced new concepts that take advantage of wireless networks to make home or beach offices, all thanks to cloud services. First, let’s see the importance of a cloud server for companies and its main advantages when digitizing processes in a company.

    Cloud servers and main features for the benefit of companies

    Today, 81% of companies have a plan for cloud-based business strategies. Similarly, it is projected that during 2020, this planning will be reflected in an increase of 67% in the IT infrastructure. This widespread change is due to the broad benefits that cloud server technology offers. But before telling you more, we want to clarify how it works.

    With the traditional hosting model, all your data, software, and applications reside on computers and in a server or physical data center in your office. But when you opt for cloud server hosting, your data, software power, and security are distributed across multiple connected web servers in different locations worldwide.

    In effect, this distribution is in charge of balancing the workload, which means that even if one server should fail, another is activated to keep everything running.

    Advantages of cloud servers

    This new way of decentralizing services allows companies to access the latest technology, taking advantage of advantages such as:

    Save space on hardware. You no longer have to run software updates on your own network. Instead, you can host business databases in the cloud and save hardware space for sensitive data. Also, your computer will run faster and more efficiently.

    Storage, processing power, and memory can be added on demand. This enables small businesses that want to grow quickly.

    File backup and restore can be started from anywhere and on any device 24/7. For example, on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    They are designed for collaboration. Any user with permissions and a device connected to the network can access company data stored in the cloud. This allows you to collaborate regardless of time zones and borders.

    Since you don’t have to hire other people or manage a team of internal specialists to install and update software and personnel savings, you also avoid managing email and file servers or running backups.

    Time-saving. Cloud computing applications are updated regularly, so you don’t have to spend time or money doing it yourself.

    Why should companies have servers in the cloud?

    In fact, small and medium-sized businesses often face a number of challenges. Thanks to the innovative products that cloud servers provide, these requirements are not an obstacle. In effect, they receive large storage capacity, software, and infrastructure from them.

    Additionally, cloud service providers’ monthly or annual billing fees eliminate surprise expenses such as emergency server repairs. From PBX telephone services to accounting and project management tools, they can be managed through the cloud.

    Consequently, you can equip your company with capabilities that, in the past, only large corporations could afford. As a result, your staff members can work from home. Similarly, employees who have fieldwork can be as connected as those in the office.

    Also, the cloud allows you to control access to data and access applications with increasing speed. Above all, if the consultation is carried out through smartphones, they continue to expand their power and connection speed. Access to virtual machines through mobile phones will be the rule due to the support provided by 5G technology. There are various cloud server services available in the market, one of which is Kronos Cloud. We recommend Kronos Cloud if you need a service that requires you to manage multiple IPs at once. There are many types of activities fit for cloud servers.

    Why we recommend Kronos:

    Kronos can change how a company can manage IP addresses. The technology it carries allows companies to deploy multiple IP addresses, which results in operating effectiveness and lowering costs.

    Kronos is globally recognized and trusted to be able to approach all major business areas around the world. Even some of the world’s giant companies have recommended this cloud server service. Among them are Yahoo and Tech Radar. And if that wasn’t convincing, Forbes was on board.

    Any company involved in the hosting industry, cybersecurity business, and the hosting industry need Kronos. This cloud service is capable of handling all requests to the local Internet registry and IP brokers.


    Based on the information above, it can be concluded that the cloud will continue to gain momentum as a vital component for success. Cloud servers and their many features will give your business the necessary boost. In this way, they become a valuable investment for success in the short, medium, and long term.


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