A Snooze-Worthy Safe Haven: 7 Tips for Transforming Your Sleep Environment

    Are neon accent walls, creaking bed frames, and pilling sheets jolting you awake mid-slumber? Does dozing off require deep concentration and a double dose of melatonin in your current sleep environment? If so, it’s time to block off your calendar and roll up your pajamas sleeves in preparation for a run-of-the-mill weekend renovation. 

    For those ready to makeover their sleep spaces and design a snooze-worthy safe haven, here are seven tips for transforming your sleep environment. 

    Choose the right mattress for you

    The right mattress can make all of the difference. After all, not all mattresses are created equal. That said, knowing the difference between a spring vs. memory foam mattress can help you decide what will be more comfortable for your body. While spring mattresses are affordable and heat-wicking, memory foam varieties contour to sleepers’ body shapes and soothe preexisting pain. 

    Aside from material type, choosing the right mattress depends on several factors. Sleepers must consider size, firmness, chronic back problems, price, and more. While finding a mattress that checks off all your wishlist items can pose a challenge, keeping these factors in mind is hands-down the most helpful tip you can take to heart.

    Clear your room

    Clean up your room briefly before you crash for the night. A clutter-cramped living space can wreak havoc on your mental health and inflict unnecessary stress on a sleeper. 

    Rest assured, you don’t have to clean the entirety of your room in one night. The goal is to clear just enough clutter so that you no longer feel uncomfortable in your space. By breaking the project at hand into digestible chunks, end-of-the-day tidying won’t feel like an impossible task. 

    Choose a comforting sound

    A noisy environment is going to keep you awake no matter what. However, it’s not the presence of a sound that will keep you awake. Instead, the inconsistency of a sound will keep you from getting high-quality sleep.

    For example, a dog barking on and off throughout the night is more disruptive than a gentle rainstorm. Many people like to fall asleep to white noises, such as the sound of rain or a fan. With this in mind, splurge on a white noise machine for the high-quality sleep you’ve been dreaming of. 

    Put down the phone

    Scrolling on your phone from sun-up to sun-down can negatively impact your natural sleep cycle. Your sleeping pattern can end up in shambles if you’re using your phone right before bed.

    That said, block off the hour before bed and designate this sixty minutes as a no-phone zone. 

    Sleep in a cool room

    While cozying up in several layers of fleece can sound appealing on a cold winter’s night, sleeping in a cool room can help you score a better night’s sleep. 

    Of course, you don’t have to turn your sleeping space into an icebox.  Just make sure that you are comfortably cool throughout the night.

    Keep it dark

    While total darkness may appear to be a key ingredient in the recipe for high-quality sleep,  many folks unknowingly bathe themselves in sleep-reducing blue light. For example, TVs and even computers can be producing excess light throughout the night. 

    Use warm colors

    Bright and vivid accents can be appealing, but these kinds of wall colors can spell disaster for restless sleepers. 

    Try to shy away from using distracting patterns and colors on your walls. Warm colors, such as reds and deep browns, can be beneficial in creating a sleepy atmosphere. 

    Wrap Up

    Are you sick of waking up on the wrong side of the bed? If so, do right by your sleep hygiene and follow these seven sleeping tips. After completing your overnight transformations, you’ll be sleeping soundly in no time. 


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