A Journey of Self Discovery: 5 steps to Creating a Personal Style

    Woman shows off her pin up girl personal style

    Woman shows off her pin up girl personal style

    Developing your personal style can be difficult, especially if you are going through a challenging period in your life. The good news is that creating said style can help you get over whatever emotional troubles you have faster. And doing this won’t be all that difficult if you follow these simple steps.

    Creating a Personal Style Step-by-Step

    1. Understand who you are. The majority of people can’t move past this step because they think that it requires deep introspection. However, while it’s true that understanding your inner motivations and desires can help, it’s not necessary for developing a personal style. What you truly need to focus on are your:
    • Profession
    • Age
    • Lifestyle

    Your job has the greatest impact on your style as the majority of workplaces have a dress code. So, no matter how creative and original you are, you have to follow some rules. In the majority of cases, workplace regulations account for age, so you won’t have to think much about which clothing is age-appropriate for you.

    You can also go for a more ‘youthful’ outfit if you feel more comfortable in it emotionally. The Daily Mail has a great piece on the research into how the clothes you wear affect your self-confidence. Consider this when creating your personal style to give yourself a psychological boost with the final result.

    2. Browse for the pieces you love. This step is close to the next one and you can switch them if it works better for you. In essence, this is when you browse the Web or your own closet for some clothes or accessories that are perfect for you.

    These special pieces can help you choose the style that fits you overall or simply complement it. For example, if this research shows that you have a fondness for ethnic jewelry, you should look closely at the boho style. If the pieces you love are simple, like the Charmed Simplicity Necklace, you might find yourself in minimalistic or classic styles. However, sweet little pieces like this can fit with almost any outfit, so don’t limit yourself to those styles only.

    3. Do your research. Once you know what kind of clothing and accessories you should be looking for, do some major research. Pinterest will be a great help here as it has hundreds of fashion inspiration boards. Looking through them will help you identify the styles that appeal to you the most, like boho, casual, classic, etc.

    Then, you’ll need to research them further and determine how you can fit the regulations of the style you choose into the requirements from Step 1. 

    4. Break the rules. The most important thing to remember is that a personal style isn’t set in stone. It should change and evolve along with you, so don’t be afraid to step out of the limits you set for yourself. Experiment and allow yourself an occasional whimsy purchase that will add some special extra to your wardrobe, like leopard print shoes.

    You might not be able to wear them to the office. However, do make it a point to dress up the way you personally feel most comfortable in for a casual meeting or a party. This will boost your confidence and help you understand yourself and your style a bit better.



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