A Guide to the Benefits Of EyeLash Extensions

    Do you remember how it felt the very first time somebody looked right into your eyes but couldn’t pull his/her gaze away? Did the person seem enchanted by your beauty? Did the person want to know the story behind the depth in your eyes? It was your full lashes that caught his/her attention, giving your broader beauty a moment to capture you even more. Do you wish you could have this look every day and easily at that? Visit a quality eyelash salon and let them help you.

    Other lash extension salons might give you the look that you crave for a day or so, but then you have to start worrying about keeping up the last extensions yourself by the following week, if not the very next day. A good eyelash extensions salon truly cares about you and the hectic life you lead. The salon would know you don’t have time to waste on your eyes. With a good salon you can just giving them an hour where you can relax and do your eyelash extensions for you.

    11 Advantages Of Lash Extensions

    1. Lash extensions enhance your eyes
    2. They bring more fullness and volume to natural eyelashes
    3. Additional eyelash length frames them to be more alluring
    4. Lifted lashes add more facial depth
    5. You save time from doing lashes on your own or having to clean up after
    6. You don’t have to use makeup since longer, fuller lashes make your eyes pop on their own
    7. Natural and light in weight
    8. Water-resistance
    9. You don’t have to put up with the clumpy glue that fake lashes have
    10. You get to pick your own length that matches your distinct and gorgeous appearance
    11. No need to worry about fake eyelashes slipping after you wear them for hours

    Questions we get asked more than others

    What eyelash extensions are the most commonly used?

    Mink, silk, and synthetic are the three we see the most. Sizes range from 6 to 17mm. Just pick the one that suits you and your lifestyle best.

    How long does it take to apply them?

    A typical application takes 90 minutes up to 2 hours. When you arrive, do so without any makeup on.

    How frequently do I need to come in?

    A typical interval is three weeks. Natural eyelashes have a normal process of growing and shredding, which will mean that extensions fall out gradually over time. Still, routine refreshers can keep eyelash extensions going indefinitely, just like with acrylic nails. Lash extensions can last from three weeks up to two months. Our refresher appointments are typically scheduled two or three weeks apart with hour-long sessions.

    I’m allergic to a particular glue. What do I do?

    When you schedule an appointment, alert your stylist. There are numerous glues you can use, so there are options that should prevent allergic reactions.


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