6 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Office Space

    Do the walls of your current office space feel like they’re closing in on your team? No matter how much you love your existing office space, there are times when embracing change isn’t optional, especially in those cases where your bottom line is susceptible to bumps and bruises. 

    Whether you are expanding your business or your current space can’t meet your needs, it might be time to upgrade your office space. 

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    Not sure if it’s your business’s time to fly the coop in search of larger pastures? Consider the signs below that you’ve outgrown your current office space. 

    1. Overcrowding

    Some of the most common signs of overcrowding include a lack of desks, dwindling parking spaces, and occupied bathrooms. Crowded offices can also foster unhealthy working conditions by facilitating the spread of germs and illnesses. A crowded workspace will also be noisier and can cause distractions, which can have a detrimental effect on their productivity and lower employee morale.

    By contrast, a more spacious office will grant your star employees much-needed breathing room, making the average workday less grueling. 

    2. There’s a lack of storage space 

    Upgrading your office will ensure your equipment and files have ample room. With storage units in place and stacks of paperwork dismantled, it will be easier to inventory your storage. Additionally, employees will have an easier time locating the equipment, tools, and information they need.

    3. Available room space is slim to none

    If your departments have a hard time finding space for meetings, it’s time to relocate. Clashes over meeting space can create animosity between team members and make your office uncomfortable. 

    Not to mention, meeting room space is also essential for client meetings. Remember, hosting these meetings is a crucial step in nurturing relationships with high-paying clientele. That said, don’t force your employees to battle over limited office real estate, as clients will sense this palpable tension, souring their perception of your brand. 

    With these high stakes in mind, a lack of meeting room space might warrant upgrading to a bigger and better office.

    4. You have plans to increase your workforce

    Planning to increase the size of your workforce might require a new office. While your existing office space may suffice for short-term hiring goals (i.e., onboarding two new employees), welcoming a large number of employees to the team will require more space.

    Though cutting costs may be priority number one, don’t overcrowd your employees into the same office. Providing ample space for every employee is essential if you want happy and dedicated employees. 

    5. Employee complaints are skyrocketing

    If you provide poor working conditions, employee complaints will be an inevitable doom. Employees who struggle to find a parking spot or desk space will have plenty to complain about, especially with cramped and noisy working conditions lowering productivity and reducing employee satisfaction.

    Ultimately, keeping your employees happy should be a goal of any business owner. After all, providing safe and comfortable working conditions can significantly improve employee morale and employee retention alike. 

    6. Rebranding your business is on the itinerary 

    When rebranding your business, finding a bigger and better office that matches your company’s modified vision is a must. An upgrade and rebranding of your business can show clients and employees that your company is versatile and can adjust with the times. 

    Before you go

    Whether you have employees fighting over desks or you’re planning to increase your workforce, you’ve probably outgrown your current office space. If that’s the case, it’s time to upgrade to a bigger and better office for your business.


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