9 Great Birthday Gifts for Her

    Do you need birthday gift ideas for a special woman in your life? Buying birthday presents can be difficult, but we have a list of ideas that are sure to please. Whether your loved one enjoys practical gifts or something a little more sparkly, we have a present for her

    • Candles

    What’s more fitting for a birthday than birthday candles? If you know what scents your special woman enjoys, candles are a great option. Every woman loves to unwind with her favorite scents and set the ambiance of her home with a nice candle. If you aren’t sure what kind of candle she may enjoy, try buying one that is named after something she loves to show you care.

    • Tea and Coffee

    If your special lady is like us, she loves drinking tea and coffee throughout the day! Find a special set of tea or coffee for her to enjoy the next time she goes to brew a cup. Consider a set that is special and unique to your loved one. If she likes to travel, buy a set of teas and coffees from around the world to impress her worldly tastes!

    • Phone Case

    Phone cases are an essential accessory to any woman’s wardrobe. Buy her a phone case that matches her style and personality. Make sure you know what model phone she has and try to buy a case that offers a little protection too. We personally love every new iPhone 8 case from Casely, so if you’re stuck on what kind of style to look at, we suggest looking at popular brands!

    • A Plant

    If your special someone has a green thumb, or just loves greenery, a plant is the perfect gift for her! Small potted plants are a relatively affordable gift idea. Buy her favorite kind of flower or succulent, or get a grow kit so she can grow her own plant from a seed!

    • A Book

    Books are perfect gifts for any girl who is an avid reader. If she is currently reading a series, look for the next book she’ll be reading! You can also look for books by authors she loves, or a book about a topic that she finds interesting. To really go above and beyond, try finding a cute bookmark or reading light to accompany this present.

    • Customized Jewelry

    Nothing shows someone you care about them like a personalized gift. A piece of customized jewelry will wow your loved one! Look for her birthstone or favorite gem and add a special engraving just for her. This is a meaningful gift that will make her feel special.

    • Make Her Something

    If you are especially artsy or crafty in the kitchen, try making something for your loved one instead of buying it. This could be a painting, a short, illustrated book, or a meal you make from scratch! When you make a gift yourself, she knows it’s coming from the heart. This is sure to impress your special someone!

    • An Experience

    Many people value experiences over physical gifts. If this sounds like the lady in your life, look into buying her an experience she will never forget! This could be something you two do together or something just for her. Consider activities like sky diving, a vacation, or cooking classes.

    • Bath Set

    For women who have stressful jobs, a bath set is the perfect gift to help her unwind. These typically include bath salts and aromatherapy items like essential oils or candles. Often these will also come with soaps and bubbles. You can enjoy these together, or she can enjoy them alone.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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