7 Things You Need To Leave Behind This Summer To Start Living


    Summer ‘16 is what we’ve all been impatiently waiting for, and it’s finally here. Most of us vow to have the best summer ever — and then September rolls around, and we’re wondering “where the hell did summer go?” Well, don’t let that be you this year! Here are seven things you need to get rid of to help you create that summer for the books…

    1. Your Nagging Friend

    We all have that friend that is always complaining when you go out: “Ugh, it’s too hot,” “There’re too many people,” “This is taking too long”, and the list of complaints goes on. Dealing with someone who constantly complains is not only annoying, it sucks the fun out of the experience. If you were extremely excited before, chances are you aren’t any more after being subjected to hours of complaints. The naggy friend will discourage you from being spontaneous and trying new things – both crucial ingredients to achieving that unforgettable summer you’re dreaming of. If you want to have a great summer, here’s some advice: ditch ‘em! It’s summer, be happy. Don’t let Negative Nancy drag you down into a pit of massive boredom and mediocrity.


    2. Your Ex

    The worst thing you can do to your summer is ruined it by entertaining your ex. You’ve been down this road before and can pretty much predict the outcome — a night of Facebook stalking, endless tears and a playlist consisting of Drake and Taylor Swift. Save yourself the heartache. There’s no need to spend your summer worrying about someone who couldn’t get it right the first time. And the chances are that they still won’t get it right this time around either. Don’t get caught up playing ex-games and letting the summer pass you by. There are new people out there who are dying to meet someone like you. Mingle. Go on dates. Your ex is going to live life no matter what, so you should do the same… Without him/ her.

    3. Your Fear Of Being Alone

    If you’re hanging at an event with your friends, you’re more than likely going to socialize with those friends only. Attending events solo is an excellent way to meet new people. It builds independence, confidence and the best part is you’ll never have to miss an event you want to attend if no one wants to go with you.

    4. Your Chill

    Summer ‘16 is not the time to be Boring Lauren. Save that for the winter. Be adventurous and do something you’ve never done before. Set up a camping trip. Go rock climbing. Actually dance at parties. Check out a concert. Hit up a festival. There’s a ton to do in the summer so go out and enjoy yourself. Having fun is the ultimate goal.


    5. Your Diet

    The great thing about food is that it reveals so much about culture, its people, and the originating location. Luckily for many of us, we can have that experience of taking a trip overseas without the airfare and hotel hassle simply by attending a festival in our local area. Festivals come a dime a dozen during the summer months, and the food is amazing. It’s totally worth cheating on your diet. There’s also Restaurant Week to look forward to this July/ August.

    6. Your Gym Membership

    No, I am not saying to forget all the hard work you’ve put into accomplishing your #SummerBodyGoals. But what I am saying is walk! It’s beautiful out. Go for a run. Take an outdoor Zumba class. Go swimming. You can get plenty of exercise in by participating in fun outdoor activities.

    7. Your Cellphone

    While at an event, put your phone down! You can’t enjoy the moment if you’re too busy trying to Snap it.

    Not only will you be improving your summer, but you’ll also be improving your life simply by getting rid of these seven things. Negative friends and a toxic ex are detrimental to your well-being year round. And getting over your fear of being alone can enhance many aspects of your life, especially your romantic relationships. Happiness is something you should strive for every day regardless of the season.


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