7 Pandora Stations You Need In Your Life This Summer

    “It’s Summa Time!”  That means  it’s time to get your groove on. Of course there’s the typical radio top 10 hits that will be played out so brutally by mid-summer you’ll want to shoot yourself, but there is so much more to summer time music than that!

    Whether you’re hanging in the yard with your friends, setting up a romantic picnic, lounging on the beach or getting your party on, here are 10 Pandora Stations you can not go without this summer.

    1. Hip Hop BBQ Radio

    This station will have you feeling like it’s the late 90’s/ early 2000’s all over again. Kids today have no idea what real hip hop and R&B is. Tell those tiny boppers to sit down while you blast everything from Mario Winans, “I Don’t Wanna Know”, to Nelly’s, “Ride with Me,” and of course, you can’t have a Hip Hop without Lauryn Hill, Biggie and Tupac. Your inner gangster elementary school kid is about to go cray.


    2. La Bouche Radio

    The party will start and you won’t be able to stop it.Rhythm is a dancer”, Robin S. and the Original, ” Show Me Love”, and of course a dash of,” Be My Lover”.

    Your Mom, your aunts, your cousins, the cat lady down the street…. everyone will be breaking it down so hard you’ll try bringing sparkled spandex…

    (please don’t bring back sparkled spandex.)


    3. Shaggy Radio

    I have never been in a room of people that didn’t stop everything they were doing to jump in on Shaggy’s, “Wasn’t Me.”

    Remember Nina Sky’s, “Move Your Body”, and Sean Paul’s, “Temperature”? Yeah you do, I see you dancing in your chair now.

    This station is non stop fun. It will hype you up and then cool you down with a little Ginuwine and his, “differences”.

    You can’t deny Ginuwine, don’t ever try.


    4. Summer Hits of the 90’s

    If you want the entire bar to join you in rocking out, this is how you do it.

    Watch everyone you know erupt into an me rockstar when Blink-182’s, “All The Small Things,” blasts though the speakers.

    Chilling with bae? Let The Red Hot Chili Peppers, ” Under the Bridge”, or Matchbox Twenty’s, “Push”, set the mood.


    5. Indie Singer- Songwriters Radio

    Alabama Shakes is perfect for your lazy rainy summer Sunday with it’s mix of hipster and rhythm and blues.

    The Black Keys, Iron and Wine, Hozier and Kaleo have a Portland vibe that will melt away whatever stresses you may have lingering this summer.

    Go ahead, grab an Old Fashion and vibe the f*ck out.200-7

    6. Summer Hit’s of the 2000’s

    Remember every song you ever loved during your teenage summer that you now refuse to admit it classified as a throwback?

    Relive all the glory of the trying to mimic Shakira’s, “Hips Don’t Lie”, without any success or crying your eyes out to Usher’s “Burn.”

    Songs bring back a million memories… some we love to laugh about and others we really wish we could forget.


    7. Red Solo Cup Radio

    If you’re feeling a little country, Red Solo Cup Radio will have you throwin’ the sickest hoedown around.

    Maybe she will think your tractor’s sexy.

    Maybe your friends will bring over some chicken fry and colds beers this Friday.

    Kick the dust up and enjoy your country summer, boots and all.



    Mix up your tunes this summer, after all, there’s only so many times we can hear Beibs say he’s sorry.

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    • Tom La Vecchia

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