7 Last Minute Tips to Lose Weight This Summer

    Are you looking forward to the end of summer with mixed emotions of excitement and despondency? The excitement of spending those last few weeks at the beach gets you amped-up, yet you are sad that you cannot wear that sexy bikini and lay on the sun-kissed beach because of weight. Well, do not let go of those ambitions of getting from flab to fab before end of summer arrives. Below are some last minute tips on how to lose weight worth considering.

    1) Motivating Goal

    A motivating goal is the fuel you need to power your reason for wanting a trimmer and sexier look and why you must stay consistent if you are to achieve your objective. Choose a goal, creating a time line as to when you want to look your best; it could be the family gathering, that dream vacation, or spending the end of summer with your spouse or significant other looking fabulous.

    2) 8 Glasses of Water

    Take the daily recommended eight glasses of water, and try and make it cold as possible. Taking ice-cold water activates your body to burn extra calories so take as much of it as you can, taking it as if you are taking a fat-burning juice. You can add some cucumber and lemon as natural diuretics. Water can also be used to flush down your bloating. Drink the water in ounces, doing at least half your body weight (if you are 130 pounds then you should take 65 ounces of water).

    3) Natural Diuretics

    Regarding the natural diuretics, you can also take green tea, asparagus, and foods with Vitamin C; the goal is to have a diet that helps you shed off those extra pounds.

    4) Stop Processed Foods

    Stop taking processed foods as well as the starchy types that have a lot of carbohydrates. Most processed foods contain preservatives such as sodium that cause your body to retain water. So make the switch this summer, from processed to non-processed foods and ensure your diet include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Some processed foods such as whole bread, pasta, and cracker may be okay, but eat very small amounts of these and avoid anything that has ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

    5) An Apple a Day

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, the saying only advocates for the need to eat a fruit every day. These supply your body with lycopene, alpha carotene, carotenoids, and beta-carotene that is essential for your weight loss campaign. Likewise, you need to up your veggie intake. In short, your meals should comprise of tomatoes, cilantro, broccoli, turnip greens, apricots, spinach, collard green, romaine lettuce, thyme, kale, carrots, cantaloupe, oranges, watermelon and an endless list of fruits and vegetables.

    6) Freeze The Fat Away

    Cool sculpting is a great way to lose weight and can be a fantastic and quick way to slim down when you need to do so fast. Businesses such as Capital Skin Medical Spa have offered solutions like this to many happy customers for a number of years now.

    7) Standup Straight

    Standup straight and engage your core will make you look tall and at least ten pounds lighter. You can train your body to maintain the right posture by doing “posture check” exercises that last around 10-20 minutes every morning. You only need to wake up, stand up straight for those few minutes with your feet flat on the floor. Keep practicing this, and your body will soon make it a habit even when you are walking and doing other activities during the day.

    Expert Advice:

    A change of diet and lifestyle will not be effective for your last minute weight loss campaign if they are not complemented by a workout session that makes you break some sweat. Hit the gym before you hit the beach. Give some extra effort with every workout session, and you will hasten the rates of losing those extra pounds.


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