6 Times Drake Was A Complete Savage On ‘Views’… And We Loved It

    Drake is at the peak of his career and let’s face it, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon… nor do we want him to.

    As he says on VIEWS, “The best ever, don’t ever question, you know better.”

    There really isn’t much this guy can’t do. He raps, sings, acts, owns several businesses in various industries, sells out tours like it’s nothing … man, the list goes on. Perhaps one of my personal favorite things about him is how he can just completely disassemble a human brain with his lyrics.

    Here Are 6 Of Drake’s Most Savage Moments Straight From Views

    1. “And I see your girl like all the time… I can’t tell you if she’s yours or mine.”  – Still Here

    As they say, ‘AIN’T TRICKIN’ IF YOU GOT IT’ and Drake has got ‘IT’. The realest form of Mr-Steal-Yo-Girl and he makes sure to let you know about it.

    2. “I’m lookin at they first week numbers like ‘what are thoseeeee????’ I mean you boys not even coming close.” – Weston Road Flows

    Making a good point, Drake let’s the world know he is ON TOP and this ride is far from over. He also let’s everyone know, you can’t compete where you can’t compare. Unbothered. Next…

    3. “On some DMX sh*t. I group DM my exes, I tell ’em they belong to me, that goes on for forever… And I think we just get closer when we not together.” – U With Me?

    *Dives right into starting a group DM with all my exes*

    This is probably my favorite because I am in fact the type of person to group DM my exes. No shame here. This bold statement is letting all the exes know who is in control, while simultaneously subliminally letting your ex’s new significant other know who they still belong too.

    *Let’s out an evil laugh and petty wink*

    4. “I gave your nickname to someone else.” – Redemption

    Leave it to Drizzy to stir sh*t up. I can’t front, I would turn into a complete animal if someone decided to recycle my nickname that they had for me. This is so petty. Drake is a true expert when it comes to the art of mindf*cking. No f#&ks given whatsoever.

    5. “I get a blank page when I try to draw a comparison. I’m getting straight to the point with it, I need ya’ll to know I never needed none of ya’ll…” – Views

    *Middle finger to anyone who thought I couldn’t be successful without them*

    *Takes sip from Grammy Award trophy* What were you saying?

    This line basically let’s everyone know that he is in his own lane and nobody can do it like him or come close. SWERVE! This is also a big ‘f#&k you’ to anyone who has ever tried to get in the way & act like certain goals are unachievable without them. Pshhh… You gon’ learn today!

    6. “Ya’ll a whole lot of things, but you still ain’t this.” – Grammys

    PSA: You are a bunch of irrelevant things and you will never be what I am. TELL EM’, 6 GOD! As he addresses on Weston Road Flows, ‘your best day is my worst day.’ Besides the fact, that Drake goes beast mode in the most subtle way, (like only he can), these words are just a confirmation that he is THE ONE… and there is nothing anyone can do to stop him.

    VIEWS can be found exclusively on Apple Music, ITunes. 

    Featured Image via. Views, OVO


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