6 Signs You need a New IT Ticketing Software

    All software needs updating every few years. Technology moves on fast and you need to ensure that your business is kept at the forefront so you don’t fall behind. While you may update your key equipment like phones and computers, smaller things like an IT ticketing software might fall behind. Here are 6 signs you should keep an eye out for in case you think you need a new IT ticketing software.

    There’s No Self-Service

    Not every IT technician can immediately respond to a request. The ticketing system should have the AI capabilities to guide the person who lodged the request through a series of simple tests to see if they can rectify the situation themselves.

    Integration is Poor

    The ticketing software needs to be able to work well with all other software on the computer. Poorly integrated software can result in errors which can have a negative effect on work. SysAid’s IT ticketing software is available as part of a package of wider software. An upgrade to a system like this would limit the number of errors caused by poor integration.

    You Can’t Change Users Easily

    When solving IT issues, the case may need to get passed around between several technicians. Such a line of inquiry could result in time wasted while technicians attempt to reassign the case and add the relevant parties to the data. Changing the users on a case should be quick and easy to do.

    You Can’t Track Information

    There are some things you should keep track of when using ticketing software. This includes information about the client, their computer, and any previous tickets they have lodged in the system. Data like this can greatly speed up an enquiry and will stop basic questions from needing to be asked time and time again.

    Tickets are Shared

    If you still need to track tickets in a spreadsheet, it is time to update. Tracking tickets through a spreadsheet takes up time where you could be responding to customers instead and what’s more, if tickets are not shared properly, it may result in two or more technicians working on the same problem. This could result in further avoidable complications.

    Tickets aren’t Automatic

    Your clients log a request and then are left waiting until you manage to get around to viewing their case. Downtime like this can cause them to lose money and potentially clients. Automating this process, possibly with an AI as listed above, will prevent such an incident occurring.

    Caring for another company’s IT system is a big responsibility so it is down to you to ensure that you as an IT specialist are fully able to care for their technology to the fullest extent. Therefore, you should look to update your own software whenever you can as having the latest ticketing software which handles all of the above problems with ease, will put you one step closer to being able to do so. If you are an IT specialist, start a search for the latest in ticketing software now so you can always deliver high-quality solutions to your clients.


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