6 Lucrative Ways to Make Cash on The Side


    Don’t fret, there are enough ways to make cash on the side. Since there are so many avenues, we decided to narrow them down for you. 

    1. A Driver

    A great way to make cash quickly is by driving for a share-riding service. Uber and Lyft are the most popular. It’s easy to sign up for them – all you’ll need is a car, a license and a squeaky-clean criminal record. 

    Working for Uber would be the best, as depending on what time of day it is, rates for trips could be through the roof. 

    Of course, how good you are effects whether you’ll be getting trips or not. You’ll need to have close to a 5-star rating. 

    2. Food Delivery 

    Most ride-sharing services offer food delivery too. You don’t only need a car, a motorbike would also be fine. What’s great about delivering food is that most people tip. 

    3. A Blog 

    Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Believe it or not, it could be a side venture that could bring in more cash than your primary job. You’ll need to invest in it, though; you need to increase its ranks on Google. 

    You’ll regularly need to churn out content, so dedicate a time of the day for the venture. The cash you’d make from ads, affiliate links and Amazon/eBay products sold would be worth it. Just make sure that you do research. You’d want to create a site in a niche that’s popular. 

    4. Rent Your Home 

    Who hasn’t heard of Airbnb before? If you own a home, registering on the platform and renting your home to boarders is possible. Depending on how well-done your home is, you could charge a lot. 

    You could permanently rent your property as well – make a listing online. It’d result in more cash coming in. That being said, you’d have to deal with finding somewhere new to live. 

    5. A Sauce Business

    Everyone loves BBQ sauce! You don’t have to be a chef or have the culinary experience to create a line of successful sauces. Work with a chef and get the perfect recipe, then find a manufacturer to produce the product in mass. 

    If you’re looking for custom branded sauces ideas, think outside the box. There is a sea of competitors so you want to stand out. 

    Your recipe is super important, but so is the packaging. The private label BBQ sauce suppliers you’re interested in should offer a variety of packaging and design types. 

    6. Baby-Sitting 

    Know anyone with kids? They’re juggling a lot, handling their little ones, work and their private lives. Make things easier for them by offering to baby-sit. You could ask them to refer you to friends. Soon, you’ll be the go-to-guy for taking care of the little ones. 

    There are many ways for you to make cash on the side. Probably the easiest would be to work for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft. You could think more out of the box and start a sauce business as well.


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