5 Ways To Achieve Your Best Business Casual Look

    Dressing for the office in the summer can be difficult. When temperatures reach a scorching 100 degrees outside, but the office AC has you feeling like winter never left, how can anyone be comfortable all day? Whether you’re male or female, there are a handful of do’s and don’ts’s when it comes to summer office attire. Luckily for you, we have found a few summer essentials to keep you comfortable and still looking stylish without letting your inner lazy out.

    For the ladies:

    Linen Pants


    Wearing slacks over the summer will have you feeling ten times hotter than you need to be. Instead, opt for a pair of linen pants that are light and airy. They’re worn best with a top tucked in and a pair of summer wedges. And as an added bonus, they cover your legs, protecting you from the blasting office AC and covering you just in case you didn’t have time to shave that morning. Get them here.

    Bright Dresses


    bright dresses

    Nothing says bad ass like a bold, bright dress for the summer. While everyone might be sporting the predictable pastel colors, you’ll be standing out in a sleek bright dress that’s the new power suit of the summer. Match it with neutral accessories, and throw on a cardigan for when it gets chilly. Get it here.

    Pastel Blazer

    pastel blazer

    Every working woman has a staple black blazer in their closet for interviews or that special occasion they just want to add a little “oompf” to their outfit. In the summer heat, however, a black blazer is probably the equivalent of wearing slacks — suffocation. In this case, a pastel blazer is the best choice — it gives the perfect summer appeal to any outfit, and is the perfect accent to your summer floral dresses. Get it here.

    A-Line Skirt

    a-line skirt

    The best thing about an A-line skirt is that you can pair it with almost any top, a graphic tee, button down, or a blouse, and it’ll make it that much cuter. These come in varying lengths, but the best A-line for the office falls just below the knees. Throw on a cute pair of heels to elongate your legs, and the skirt will flatter your natural waist. Get it here.

    Sleeveless collared shirt

    sleeveless collared shirt

    Instead of sporting a tank top to the office, a sleeveless collared shirt is the professional option. It can be tucked into a pair of jeans, a skirt, and virtually any bottom. If you get chilly, throw on a cardigan or a pastel colored blazer. Get it here.

    For the men:

    Fitted Blazer


    fitted blazer

    A smart blazer is the best way to turn heads in the office, after all, you’ve been working on that beach body for months now. The best part about having a summer blazer is that you can throw it on over a t-shirt and jeans and still look like you mean business. Get one here.

    A Fitted Polo

    a polo that fits

    In any man’s closet, it’s important to have a polo that fits just right. If you’re not sure how exactly it should fit (we’ve all been there) check out this simple guide, and get one here.

    Colorful Ties

    colorful tie

    A tie is one of the best accessories on a man. This summer, try out a pastel colored tie — maybe one that matches your lady’s blazer, and you’ll not only look professional in the office, but you’ll be ready to get happy hour drinks at your favorite rooftop bar. Find the perfect color here.



    Avoid wearing slacks in the summer heat by rocking a pair of khakis that are lighter and definitely more comfortable. To change things up, try opting for colored khakis that will brighten any summer Monday morning meeting. Get the perfect pair here.

    Flat Front Shorts

    flat front shorts

    Shorts might be a taboo in the office, but depending on where you work, they might be acceptable, especially on casual Fridays. Wear these shorts with a button down, boat shoes, or your favorite casual shoes to complete the casual, yet still classy look. Get them here.

    These looks are sure to keep you comfy and on point.  A great way to look great for work is to add some jewelry to your look, this will make you look a lot more grown up, Berganza have a great selection of jewelry for you to choose from, check them out.


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