5 Top Tips for Tackling Disengagement in the Workplace

    Though employees have been reporting higher levels of workplace satisfaction in the past year than in the past decade, employee disengagement is still a major problem for companies across the country. Over half of the U.S. workforce doesn’t feel engaged by their work, which costs businesses between $450 and $550 billion annually. It’s essential that you step into action as soon as you notice any common signs of boredom and disinterest among your staff, such as complaining, distraction, lying, and more. There are several ways that you can combat disengagement in your workplace and improve employee morale across all levels.

    1.  Set Clear Goals and Performance Expectations

    It’s important to articulate your views, desires, and concerns when you think an employee may be feeling displeased or disengaged. You can arrange quarterly reviews to talk with your employees one-on-one to pinpoint the root of their unhappiness and come up with a plan to fix the situation. Work alongside your staff to set goals and refocus their attention when needed, giving them a sense of purpose within the company.

    1.  Listen Instead of Talk

    Communication is key in any relationship, including those of the professional variety. It’s important to encourage open communication between yourself and your employees in order to keep them excited about their work. Most employees don’t appreciate authority figures overstepping their bounds, so it’s important to avoid micromanaging even important projects. Listen to your staff and make sure that they know their ideas are heard and valued.

    1.  Offer Up Praise and Recognition When Deserved

    It’s important to let your employees know that their hard work and dedication is valued by their company. When an employee does an outstanding job, be sure to give them some sort of recognition for their efforts, whether it’s something as simple as a congratulatory email or as elaborate as a company luncheon. Keep in mind, though, that every employee is different, and some may prefer more discreet praise as opposed to a public announcement.

    1.  Encourage Teamwork

    Many employees feel bored at work. A collaborative work environment can keep them engaged as well as foster a sense of responsibility, camaraderie, and even pride in your employees. These days it’s easier than ever to communicate and collaborate using social media. Professional and personal accounts offer an excellent way to track an employee’s achievements throughout a project and publicly recognize their contributions.

    1.  Be The Best Manager That You Can Be

    Not all employees are unhappy with their current job for financial reasons. In fact, 80% of disengaged employees are dissatisfied with their direct manager, while 70% lack confidence in upper management. It’s important to show your staff that they can trust you. Make yourself open during working hours in case anyone needs to talk and show them that you take their comments and concerns into serious consideration.