5 Reasons You Need MCT Oil In Your Diet

    The very thought of saturated fat consumption is enough to give health aficionados sleepless nights. But modern day healthcare is suggesting that consumption of healthy fats in right quantum can bring along an array of health benefits in the form of improved cognitive function, boosted up immunity and weight loss. MCT or medium-chain triglycerides found in high-fat dairy products, butter, palm kernel oil and coconut oil consist of connected hydrogen and carbon strings. Keep reading to know about the top five health benefits of MCT Oil.

    • MCT Oil inflicts a positive effect on our metabolism by suppressing our appetites. Experimental studies have revealed that MCT diet takes recourse to fat oxidation and enhanced thermogenesis for suppressing fat deposition in both humans and animals. Compared to LCTs, they get broken down much faster for being used by our body readily. This is the biggest reason behind physicians prescribing MCT Oil to health enthusiasts. An experiment conducted on a sample population for 3 weeks revealed that consumption of MCT Oil leads to reduced waist circumference, body weight, total body fat, hip circumference, visceral fat and total subcutaneous fat in comparison to LCT diet.
    • MCT Oil Powder is rich in antioxidants, which have a big role to play in warding off inflammation. It also safeguards our body from the attacks of a virus and similar invading bugs, thus keeping our brain, heart, and metabolism healthy. A peculiar feature of MCT Oil is that it reduces “bad bacteria” from our body without diluting the “good bacteria” content which is imperative for digestive functioning and intestinal health. This is the biggest reason behind physicians prescribing the same for treating cognitive failures, heart disease, and obesity.
    • We require a steady supply of fatty acids in our diet for being able to think clearly and perform work with full enthusiasm. Medium chain triglycerides are one of the most protective and easily digested fatty acids in existence. MCT gets used up as an energy source whenever consumed rather than being stored as fat. Research studies revealed that MCT Oil helps in fighting diseases such as Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia and Parkinson’s amongst the elderly population. The brain aging gets delayed courtesy MCT Oil intake which provides extra fuel for repairing brain damage.
    • Our brain requires the constant flow of energy which gets supplied by blood glucose. However, when the level of blood sugar dips below the safety line, our liver produces ketones by breaking down stored body fat. MCTs hike up the level of blood ketones which can topple over the blood-brain barrier. This rocket fuel for our brain boosts up our mood and aids us in thinking clearly.
    • MCT oils having high “smoke point” can withstand high temperature, making it a perfect option for cooking. Its odourless and tasteless characteristic makes its ideal to be used for cooking up delicacies without altering the taste of the food.

    MCTs are gaining rapid popularity amongst people who are slowly learning about the nutritional benefits of ketosis. The main feature of this diet is how it replaces net carbohydrates with healthy fats and high-quality protein. So, don’t worry about consuming fat as when taken from healthy sources, it can actually heal your body for aiding in its maximum functionality. Make sure to consider your energy requirements and health status before deciding the optimal dosing of MCT Oil.


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