5 Fashion Tips for Healthcare Professionals

    As much as none of us likes to admit it, we tend to judge others based on how they dressed, whether we’re at the bar or in a professional setting. In the healthcare industry, patients tend to make snap decisions about their provider based on wardrobe choices, placing more trust in doctors and nurses who wear lab coats, scrubs, and business attire. Providers themselves can also benefit from a confidence boost by dressing professionally. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to look (and feel) your best as you save lives.

    Accessories Make the Outfit

    If you’ve been to a doctor recently, chances are that you don’t remember what anyone was wearing beyond scrubs and lab coats. What often stands out to coworkers, patients, and other clients is a unique or intriguing accessory. Intricate earrings, chunky necklaces, watches, and even monogrammed stethoscopes are all ways that you can make your outfit stand out from the crowd during working hours.

    Size Matters

    Just like a good business suit, scrubs and lab coats should be tailored to your body type for both comfort and style. There are a variety of scrub tops to fit every body shape, including scoop-neck t-shirts, empire waists, V-neck wrap shirts, and mock wrap shirts. Pants also come in different styles, including flares and fitted. You can find scrubs in all sorts of colors, from pastels to vibrant jewel tones, as well as patterns and novelty prints. Be sure to try out your scrubs in the mirror to make sure that they fit to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions while at work!

    Shoes Can Be Both Comfortable and Cute

    When most people think of nursing shoes, they don’t exactly think of high fashion. It is important that nurses wear comfortable shoes that support them during long hours on their feet. However, recently, there’s been a push to introduce more attractive footwear into the health care fashion market. You can find fashionable clogs, walking shoes, sneakers, and more that are designed to keep you comfortable on your feet for the entirety of a twelve or more hour shift.

    Go Easy on the Makeup

    Heavy evening eyeliner and shocking shades of red lipstick don’t exactly scream healthcare professional to patients sitting in the waiting room. Sultry and seductive is a look best reserved for a night on the town, but just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you have to skip the mascara altogether. If you’re worried about fluorescent hospital lighting washing out your skin, you can opt to brush on a light, nude look before heading out for your shift. Try using subtle earth tones such as browns, golds, and coppers to make your best facial features really pop without overdoing it.

    Your Hair is Your Secret Weapon

    Leaving your hair down can be hot, sticky, and downright dangerous for professionals working in the healthcare industry, and so many doctors and nurses with longer hair choose to tie it up. A lot of times, it’s easier to just sweep your hair into a simple bun or ponytail before heading to work than putting in the effort to create a distinctive style. However, it’s easier than you might think to create an updo that’s chic and unique in less than five minutes. From braids to French buns to the ever-popular top knot, you can find a wide variety of hairstyles for nurses that won’t let you down when you’re on the clock.


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