5 Convincing Reasons to Use Big Data for Small Businesses in 2019

    Looking to start your own small-time business or finding a way to make work more efficient for you and your employees? Well, we’re here to help you out; mainly for internet usage. In this article, we’ll be talking about 5 good reasons why you need a big data plan for your small business in 2019.

    To be brief with you, the best choice of ISP is purely up to you – fiber, satellite, 5G, it all depends on you; what matters is how fast your internet service is and how much money you could save using the right plan.

    1. Speed is Everything

    We live in an age where time passes by hastily. As the world keeps morphing quickly, so too should your internet. ISPs provide special business packages that include low bandwidth under very high speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to as fast as 500 Mbps or even more. And if you run a business that is dependent on the internet, it’s a must-buy.

    Whether you’re emailing a client with a large file or do a webcam meeting in HD, internet speed matters; especially if your business is booming.

    2. Better Contribution of Data Among Members

    Like what we said in #1, bigger data means better storage especially for businessmen that follows the remote work culture. You won’t need to worry about data caps, uneven internet speed distribution and lag. A team can’t work cooperatively if one member has faster internet over the other, right?

    Most ISPs nowadays have under-the-table business plans that are not shown in their ads. Why? Well, because they’re expensive in the eyes of a casual internet dweller. Of course, for businesses, this means great money savers thanks to exclusive packages such as bonus cloud storage, team management and apps and specialized email programs.

    3. Cloud Storage is King

    The beauty of modern internet includes every businessman’s favorite non-physical feature: cloud storage. No more do we need to store files in actual folders or even in USBs when our important documents are within the skies.

    Big data plans from ISPs always have bonus cloud storage that can range from 30 GB to as large as 100 TB cloud storage. The latter is enough to keep important files for years.

    Why is Cloud Storage Important for Modern Businesses?

    Don’t you just hate clutter around your office space? Do you know that feeling of having to go through different folders for hours just to find an old vital document? It’s all just a waste of time, energy and cleanliness. But with cloud storage, all you have to do is save it online and it will be there forever.

    And, let’s say you’re looking for an old folder; all you have to do is just type it in the search bar and you’ll get what you need in literally only seconds.

    As Dave Chappelle once said in a comedy skit, “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

    4. Easier Team Management

    Let’s say you lead a business where your employees are home-based workers from around the globe. Using the right programs, you’ll be able to track your members quicker – from their daily work activities to conversing with them.

    Uploading and sharing files to your team members will always be buttery-smooth thanks to fast internet speeds. Saving their uploaded documents is made easier too thanks to the cloud storage you have.

    Talking to employees shouldn’t have any problems at all especially if you have fast internet. No more will you be talking to them and clients with a blurry face at 10 fps. Flaunt the entrepreneur in you with high-quality calls and live streams of board meetings.

    5. Business Data Plans are More Cost Efficient

    Choosing between standard plans and data plans is a common difficult choice for small businesses. On one hand, standard plans provide the essentials to keep your business running: the right internet speed and large data.

    However, some data aren’t large enough for businesses especially when your business peaks with lots of clients and customers. If you’re on an unlimited data, you’re fine; but if you run on a plan with a data cap, reloading more data requires a chunk of your money.

    Additionally, you need cloud storage to help save your files but getting one from a third party program isn’t cheap.

    In some cases, you’ll need multiple phones in case of various contacts and purposes. We don’t need to explain how expensive particular business phones cost.

    Most of all, it’s not a wise decision to choose a bog-standard plan when you have a small office with numerous employees. Just like what we stated in #2, internet speed distribution will suffer.

    On the other hand, if you choose the business data plan like Verizon, the ISP will throw in some sweet deals including a bonus phone and unlimited calls and texts that go hand-in-hand with your internet speed and unlimited data. Calculate everything and you’ll realize how much money you’ve saved.


    In short, if you’re in a small business, you’ll need a bigger plan; literally as in how you want to grow your empire, and figuratively as in referring to the data plan.

    Bigger data means you’ll save more money than just trying to go for a smaller “more convenient” home-based plan.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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